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Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

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Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS)

Stealth Communications Services, LLC

Address: 1 Penn Plaza Suite 6308 New York, NY 10119 United States

Phone(s): Phone: 212-232-2020 Fax: 212-232-2021


Registered in the following countries: United States

Stealth Communications Services, LLC was established in 1995. They are headquartered in New York, the U.S. The company has a wide scope of products and services that can be delivered to all customers that need a high quality, secure, reliable and affordable Internet access. They provide gigabit fiber optic Internet access across the United States. Moreover, they also offer LANs as well as dark fiber services for business use. They deliver all services to many business sectors, i.e. government, telecom,realty, financial and educational sectors.


Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS) is one of many high quality services offered by Stealth Communications Services, LLC. It allows to build a private Ethernet network connecting different locations. Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS) is very flexible as well as simple. It reduces the need to purchase and configure special routers as well as CSU/DSU's. This bundle includes 2 data rates – 1Gbps and 10 Gbps at different monthly rates.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS) 976.56 Mbit/s 976.56 Mbit/s Local Area Networks $2 000 monthly
Stealth Transparent LAN Service (TLS) 9765.63 Mbit/s 9765.63 Mbit/s Local Area Networks $3 500 monthly

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