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Last Inquiries from The democratic republic of the congo

Getting info about the connection
I’m willing to get all the info about your internet service provider.
Bonjour, Pouvez-vous me donnée toutes les renseignements sur vos forfaits internet et quelles matériaux il faudra avoir pour avoir votre connexion. Merci
Fiber Internet
Fiber internet with more than 20mbps speed
demande d'information
bonjour, nous voulons avoir le devis complet pour Vsat comprenant prix des équipements et de l'abonnement s'il-vous plait.
Demande d'une connexion par fibre optique
Je suis un entrepreneur qui compte créé son entreprise pour êtres un FAI, suis un ingénieur informaticien en réseau et télécommunications
Need Fiber Internet with Public IP, Speed 20 Mbps
Dear Team, We are SK Group located in Kinshasa , recreantly we are opening new super market in Bandal near Kin Marche for that we need Internet Connection with Fiber Line and Public IP with speed 20 Mbps. Your internet should configure in our Sophos firewall also. Please reply to our query. Thanks & best Regards. Sarfraz
Ngwesya Dondo Papy
Besoin d'une connection internet illimité pour mon cyber café à la cité verte.
Internet connection
I need to know all the modalities of an unlimited internet connection by Vsat with a speed of 20Mbps or 30Mbps which is installed in Kalemie in the Province of Tanganyika.
Required unlimited internet for home (Lubumbashi ) RDC
Provider of high speed internet
Good morning Sir I am Guy. I would like to know if your company is able to operate(provide fast reliable internet services) in my country. I was thinking of providing WiFi services for homes in kinshasa. Please let me know if that is possible. Regards, Guy
Have the unlimited internet plan
Hi, I am hereby asking you to give me the prices on the unlimited internet plan.
Ajywa Telecom Need wifi
I need wifi in kolwezi
I need starlink wifi
Pls contact me
Starlink Unlimited High-Speed Internet Needed in Kinshasa
I need unlimited high-speed Internet to use in Kinshasa in March 2023. I was told Starlink is the best in there. I need more information about it.
Internet satellite
I would like to know how can I get the wifi in UVIRA, DRC. A City near Bujumbura
Starlink internet service available?
Hello, I'm Lyu from Bukavu, South Kivu,DRC. Do you provide internet service in Bukavu city? If yes, may I know the charge and whom I can contact ?
Vsat internet
I want Infocom
anywhere internet
I need Home,
Internet access quotation
Good evening kindly I am starting my own ISP IN THE DRC Congo Lubumbashi,I would like to find out if you guys can accommodate me with finer for my main Base station, and advise me on type of airmax and CPE.
Starlink Residential Internet access
Hello, How does one connect to starlink internet access in Kinshasa? This is for a residential connection. Thanks, Ndellie
Starlink internet service
what should I do if I need to set a permanent internet service in my home( Congo democratic ) using space X. Do I need to buy a box ? is it easy to install ? What the monthly payment will be ? I'm based in UK but travelling a lot in DRC. Thanks for your help
Request reseller quotes
We resell the Vsat internet service and to guarantee our service we want to resell your service throughout the national territory by migrating our large customers to Ku band from GlobalTT for the service guarantee.
Getting dedicated bandwidth for an ISP
Greetings, I wanted to know if it was possible t get dedicated bandwidth for an upcoming ISP in Bukavu, DRC and what were the costs and requirements. Hoping to ear from you soon, Thank you,c-1
Internet connection
I need to install wifi for my guest at my hotel in Sakania.
Starlink Contact for a new customer
request information on price and offers with details of upload and download speed for Kinshasa with price of equipment and type of equipment to be used
Hi hope all is well..I am interested for this wifi
Starlink Wifi
Hi I'm in Congo Drc lubumbashi, I'm at interested in this package
Starlink VSAT
Good Day, Is Starlink available in Lubumbashi?
Obtetion de Starlink service
How to obtain Our service for use of voip and cyber cafe in rural areas What type of equipment I need to know Combine costs the materials
Wifi installation
Hi I would to ask if you install home fibres in DR Congo How much is it?
Ajywa Telecom Fibre-optic unlimited internet connection
Need home internet connect with good speed at affordable rate.
Roke Telcom Connexion
Hello I wanted a visat connection I am in congo in lubumbashi I wanted to know how much it will cost me
Poor internet
Airtel Congo service provider
Internet provider
ask for information
Proforma for equipment and service for distribution of Hotspot internet in rural areas
I'm seeking a quotation for equipment and Hotspot internet distribution for 50.000 to 100.000 people in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Herve Muyo
ordering Starlink service
i would like to purchase your product for my apartment in gombe kinshasa. Is your product available for this area?
Coverage in Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo
Good day, What satellite internet options do Starlink have for Areas outside Kolwezi in DRC? Thanks
Internet Connection
Good day, I would like to know what is your Price for 100 Mbit/s cost per month
TS2 SPACE Internet
I would like to know how much it would cost to install fast internet in a residential resident in DRC.
Quantis Portable internet
am looking for a portable internet for business
Elite Networks Home internet in goma
Looking to get a fixed internet subscription in my home in goma. Ideally 5-10mbps and no more than 50-80usd per month
I want to start an Internet service provider business in Congo
I want to start this business in order to help my people to better communicate with families and friends around the world. I need to know more about this package because I would like to provide internet to more than 600,000 people who are located in villages. How much is the package price and is there any installation fees required?
Hello, I would like to know the monthly or yearly pricing of your internet bandwidth if I am to connect 50 computers in a computer lab. Thank you
need a TS2 SPACE Internet provider
Hello, I am the IT manager at decathlon, and we need 5Mbytes dedicated and 6 public IPs
Hello I'm Jonathan from DRCongo,Goma precisely i need to be a bloosat partner Thanks
I would appreciate quotes for fixed Airtel internet 100Mbps, 50 Mbps and 25Mbps, for a client in Kinshasa. Thank you.
internet quotation inquiry for a business
I am inquiring a quotation for an internet provider for my organization. I also need hotspot for remote areas. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
WiMax Internet
Hello, Could you tell me how to do or what are the obligations to have Airtel WiMax internet at my place in Kasangulu, Central Congo Thank you Daniel
Seeking for partnership
Good day I will to know what is the model used if I want to supply your service and what are the terms and conditions , a fast response will be good for business
IT Manager
I need a satellite internet connection
Can you please send me the quotation of Global Broadband Solution DRC internet business 300 mbps
Internet by Satellite
The mobile and internet connection in my village is very poor. People must walk 1to 2 miles to be connected and to use WhatsApp, facebook,... Soon our Nonprofit will be ready to open his activities, so, we need to be informed about : a. where to find a internet antenna store ? b. How much the antenna cost ? c. What is a monthly payment ? d. How much cost the installment and activation services? Who is the provider ? NB: Malinde village is in Democratic Republic of the Congo, province of South Kivu, Territory of Fizi, Sector of Mutambala.
Role of a vodanet ISP
I have a vodanet ISP, but I don't know its role
Small business Juch-Tech Internet connection
To whom this may concern. we are a Non Governement Organisation called "Saint Hilaire" locate in the outskirt of Kinshasa city - we are running a small business to benefit the youth of the area we are serving - we would like to implement an internet connection in order to serve our training centre of 20 work stations and internet cafe for about 15 work stations. Can we have the quote and a description of how this will be proceed. Hilaire Chair of Trustees.
Need internet service in Gombe, Kinshasa.
Cband Internet in Inongo
Hi, We have 1.8m dish in remote area in the DRC. WOuld you please send us your best quotation for a service in Inongo (Central West DRC)? Thanks
Internet plan
Orioncom Internet plan and traiff
Internet installation at home
I need internet service for my residence in Kinshasa, DR Congo. I am interested in the Juch-Tech service at 0 per month. What procedure to follow to achieve this?
Quote HotSpot ISP
Hi I'm Arnold Network Engineer From Congo-Kinshasa i'm living in texas-usa actually i'm to get your quote for Hotspot ISP Provider. i'm working in network project to provide Hospot Wifi in Kinshasa and others cities in DRCONGO can you provider more details about your plan. Thanks Arnold
a price quote
Hello Dear All ICOKAT, Can we have an estimate for internet access and the purchase of said equipment, the monthly subscription (debit/per second). so that we can place an order. Best regards. -- TRUCONVEYOR SYSTEMS DRC SARL/REMA TIP TOP DUNLOP
Your address
I need your Businesscom Networks address in Lubumbashi
Internet Packates
Dear Sir, I would also like to introduce you to PROCO SARL. We are an African based Telecoms provider. We would therefore like to partner with you to avail your internet to our customers DR Congo. Looking forward to hearing from you on how best to take these discussions forward. Kind Regards, Davis Muhangi Managing Director
I need the internet connection
Hey, it's beanny here , I want the home Congo Telecom internet plane, I'm from DRCongo
Service Information
Need your contracted phone and email to send my needs. Businesscomm's Dedicated Network
Resquest for GlobalTT quatation
we want to install our DRCongo/Goma what's the requirement to install it
Locate a contact
I would like to thank the entire VisionNet Ltd service team that you are going to give me. Thank you
Availablity ?
Availablity ?
Satellite interest service in Kinshasa
Does Afrikanet you provide satellite internet service in Kinshasa? If so I need a price quote include any equipment and installation cost. Thanks
Satellite Internet Access in Kinshasa
Does Ajywa Telecom provide satellite internet service in Kinshasa, DRC? If so, can you send me your pricing plans including any equipment cost and installation cost. Thanks
broadband connection
need good speed connection for TS2 SPACE internet access
Request of VSAT Internet Connection
Hello Dear Sir. This is Mr Denis from ORFAP World Wide. We need a GlobalTT VSAT internet here in Durba in Congo 145KM from Arua Uganda. We need a minimum speed of 7MBPS download and like 2MBPS Upload Speed. Now let us know for a new installation how much we must pay and monthly how much we will be paying. Thank you.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My company LogicSoft is a satellite internet services reseller in Democratic Republic of Congo, mainly using satellite technology in C, KU and Ka band. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a Central African country. With a total area of ​​​​2,345,409 km2, DRC is the second largest country in Africa, after Algeria. It is about 80 times Belgium size, 4 times France size , 1/4 of United States. The DRC is the 11th world largest country. With population of approximately 82,000,000 people, DRC is the 4th most populous country in Africa after Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt. It is the first most populous French-speaking country in Africa. This country is now almost entirely covered by 3G and 4G GSM internet services provided by Vodacom, Orange, Airtel and Africel. From satellite point of view, the country is covered by C, Ku and Ka band VSATs operated by SES, Eutelsat and Yahsat satellites. Only Kinshasa's capital town is partially covered by Optical fiber internet cable. In general, all these Internet connections are very slow and more expensive despite advertised speeds in false ads but which remain very slow in reality. Average speeds are around 1 Mbps / 1 Mbps Up / Down. Given our previous experience in this area with BROADSAT Italian company, there is only one solution that is needed to reduce internet connections costs while maintaining a stable average speed of 3 Mbps / 3 Mbps Up / Down: this solution is your "SATELLITE ONE-WAY INTERNET SERVICE". This system will work as booster for all already installed internet connections, vsats or gsm. In order to collaborate on a concrete project covering entire country, could you make a proposal on this subject under frank co-operation? Best regards. Richard Ngombo Cimanga LogicSoft Manager Tel: +243 81 191 4646 +243 90 652 9876 +243 85 478 4762 +243 89 665 3060 ----------------------- - Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My company LogicSoft is a reseller of satellite internet services in the Democratic Republic of Congo, mainly using C, KU and Ka band satellite technology. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a country in Central Africa. With a total area of ​​2,345,409 km2, the DRC is the second largest country in Africa, after Algeria. It is about 80 times the size of Belgium, 4 times the size of France, 1/4 the size of the United States. The DRC is the 11th largest country in the world. With a population of around 82,000,000, the DRC is the 4th most populous country in Africa after Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt. It is the most populous French-speaking country in Africa. The country is now almost entirely covered by GSM 3G and 4G internet services provided by Vodacom, Orange, Airtel and Africel. From a satellite perspective, the country is covered by C, Ku and Ka band VSATs operating SES, Eutelsat and Yahsat satellites. Optical fiber only partially covers the capital city of Kinshasa. In general, all these internet connections are very slow and very expensive despite the speeds advertised in misleading advertisements but which remain very low in reality. The average speed is around 1 Mbps/ 1 Mbps Up/Down. Given our previous experience in this area with the Italian company BROADSAT, there is only one solution that is needed to reduce the costs of internet connections while maintaining a stable average speed of 3 Mbps/ 3 Mbps Up /Down: this is the "SATELLITE ONE-WAY INTERNET SERVICE". This system will work as a booster for all internet connections already installed, gsm or vsats. With a view to collaborating on a concrete project covering the whole country, could you make a proposal to us on this subject in frank cooperation. Cordially. --- Richard Ngombo Cimanga Administrator Manager LogicSoft Tel: +243 81 191 4646 +243 90 652 9876 +243 85 478 4762 +243 89 665 3060 Website: /oneway
Price on various MBS packages suitable for home
Hi There Please provide quotation for ISP for home use E-Learning, Skype/ video calling, online TV Netflix YouTube more than 3 laptops, 4 cellphones and iPads etc in use daily
Businesscom Networks Cband
Am looking for bandwidth to be shared between 2 sites. Fast c band internet
Cband 1:1
Looking for a cheap working GlobalTT solution, SME for two sites
Hello, could you give me a quote for a dedicated Businesscom Networks 4M/4M bandwidth with a 2.4M antenna
Internet service via Public WiFi Hotspots
Public WiFi Hotspots in a big densely populated city. Thousands of connections at time through social networks (Fcbk, WhatsApp,YouTube, etc.) Location: Kinshasa, DRCongo. What are the options available?
Acquiring for Businesscom Networks installation
36 rooms hotel with about 20 employees
Afrikanet installation request
A hotel with 36 rooms and 20 workers
Internet request
Good morning Quantis, we are an international company located in congo. For our civil engineering project we are supported by european companies and this require us a proper internet connection. We would like to have information regarding the prices and the services
Internet + TV
Please send me your best rates for internet and TV available in Kinshasa. I need it on my personal use.
Satellite internet
Hello, I wanted to enquire if Roke Telcom have satellite internet in DRC and the bundles and prices. Many thanks, Ashiana
request of equipment
Hello I wath to know the price of the equipment and i also need to come in Office please contact me
Service cost and coverage
Does your one way satellite internet also cover Democratic Republic of Congo, what is the service cost?
looking internet over satellite service
Dear Sir, Madam, We are looking to establish a Juch-Tech VSAT broadband access to the Internet in Gungu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a download band width of 2 Mbps and an upload band width of 0.5 Mbps. On your website I found several options, but it is rather difficult to choose the best option with respect to quality/price. It is also not clear what installation costs would be involved. Could you please advise on your best solutions including information on monthly fee and equipment + installation costs? Looking forward to your advice and with kind regards, Stany
request for Businesscom Networks internet connection
I was looking for quotes for VSAT services in DRC.
have internet
how are you organized? short description to have the internet TS2 SPACE - AfricaSat-1a C-BAND of 5 Mbps in up and down? Because we want to integrate your internet service into our network. Thank you
Inquiring on internet services for business.
Inquiring on MTN Uganda internet services for business. 1. How much is ku-band 1.2 kit modem iDirect x1? 2. How much service iDirect 1024kbps Download/256kbps? 3 c-band details also needed.
Request for wholesale brandwidth services quotation at Uvira and Baraka South Kivu
I would like to build my own ISP for Uvira Town and Baraka Town whereby it will be supplying Wi-Fi network to interested users. I was wondering if Quantis provide wholesale bandwidth services to start business as mine. I would also like to know what are the option that you offer I would require to get T1 (1.544Mbit/s) connection or the most preferable DS3 (45Mbit/s). Do you also supply the related equipment for starting up a ISP for Wi-Fi network business? I will more than happy to hear from you.
MicroCom for Medium family home
all available internet connection
Hello we are SUNLIGHT LTD looking for a good Pwani Telecoms - Gold – speeds of 1024kbps DEDICATED internet connectivity. For our customers
Satellite Communication system
Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to have TS2 SPACE satellite phones to be used in the Congo during our stay and travel. In fact we will be travelling in remote area and reason why we require your services. I will request you to please provide us with best possible option to help us take quick decision and acquire the system during our next trip to Lubumbashi.
Request Account Manager
Below are the my client address would like to install network. i need solution and price .thanks Calvin
forgotten password help egide
forgotten password help egide
Ka Band Service
Please give me details about the type of ka-band service you provide. do you have a brochure?
Need a connection internet in congo for a cyber cafe
internet vs
Hello, just contact you to have a price proposal on TS2 SPACE the Vsat dedicated band internet of 100Mbps. We are an internet access provider in the DRC
interconnection of our subsidiaries in the drc
1. 11 Chief places interconnected 2. 50 GB per couple of the chief places to Kinshasa (intranet vpn) equal speed upload down load - kin DG - Matadi - kin DG-Lubumbashi - kin DG- Goma - kin DG-kin dipro 11th street limete - Kin DG- Maniema - Kin DG- Kisangani - Kin DG- Goma - Kin DG- Bukavu - Kin DG - Kikwit - Kin DG-Mbuji mayi - Kin DG - Kanaga - Kin DG - mbandaka 3. Dedicated band internet connection, 540 Go Branch kin 4. routable public ip allocation Branch kin if possible annual and three-year financial estimate. thank you for your frank collaboration Tresor KANKU IT manager
Quote Afrikanet Online Sari
We need to be connected by internet via Businesscom Networks Vsat. Need of quotation asap. Thanks.
Dear, We are DDK one of Department of Snel sa (Société Nationale d'Electricité) in DR Congo based in Kinshasa. We want to be connected by Quantis Vsat. Could you please privide us the quotation for that. Thanks.
Hi there, I would like to know can I have TS2 SPACE 10 mbits internet in Kinshasa. I want to know also the pricing for DRC, Thanks a lot
Internet vsat inquiry
precision to my previous mail I am interested in Jutech inc offre Serge
inquiry for vsat internet service
Dear sir, I am in the business of Internet provider by Wifi in DR Congo ( in Muanda, close to thé Congo River mouth ). I am interested in your offer 2M/512 k at 440 USD/month. I have a good Vsat but not the right MoDem I would l'île further discussion to sée if I can migrate to your system Kind regards Serge
Internet connection
I'm looking for Juch-Tech Inc. satellite Internet connection in the DRC. Upload min 2 Mbps, download min 384 Mbps. Kind regards, Museti Mboma
Gathering for information
Hello my name is Olivier, I am a Congolese living in Kenya. I am looking for a IS Kenya satellite ISP who will be providing internet in Congo. 10 public IP addresses , 20Mbps/20Mbps dedicated. How much can it be and if you provide all the materials. Hopefully I will be hearing from you soon.
Please I urgently need to have the proforma invoice for two VSAT antennas 1- 1.8M and the other 2- 2.2m the prices delivered to Kinshasa Also the price of the bandwidth of the first vsat 1.8m antenna. UPLINK 120kb Down link 256kb 2nd VSAT antenna 2.2m. Uplink 512kb and Downlink 256kb. please i'm waiting
need to make skype video calls from miti DRC
Hello TS2 SPACE - Thuraya IP, i am looking to enable a humanitarian project taking place in Miti DRC, about 15 km north-north west of Bukavu. we will need to make skype video calls from this site. i would like information about your interesting product, mainly to verify it is possible from this location and the cost (on top of the price per usage as your publication states) thanks, Noam
One way Internet services
I need one wya internet connection 10 GB package in Kinshasa.
Installation of Surveillance Cameras in Lubumba City
Is it possible to install a router with a hub of 24 ports in Lubumba and receive camera images in Japan? Is it possible to bring a Japanese-made router to the site and install it? What is the monthly charge for 100mbit/s upstream and 100mbit/s downstream? It is about 3 km away from Lubumba city, but is it possible to connect to the line? How many days after the contract is established can the line be opened?
price of an installation of the dish vsat punia / Maniema
want info
can you vsat work in congo DRC and if yes What is the pirce and the broadband Speed
Get Solution
Hello IS! I am justin. Our company wants to provide internet to more than 500,000 users by wifi with a dbm of 256kbps down and 128kbps up per user. There is no way to use fiber optics where wifi is deployed, which is why we are turning to this connection solution via satellite. Is it possible that we obtain satisfaction of our request and in quality of the connection? In addition, given the importance of users to serve, I want to know if we will be forced to have a teleport or not.
Internet Access via satellite
Good Day Airtel! I would like to know the modality to get internet access via sattelite in my country DRCongo. I am thinking of adding the vsat connection provider in my business company that i am running. So i want to know what to do Regards,
Purchase Bandwidth in KU and be a Dealer
Hi, I hereby come to thank you for getting in touch with your entity finally for wanting to work with you for the Internet connection because we had to install and deal with a house of space for 15 sites but the connection is not good for that we had this option in the course of resiiiatiion of the contract and if this message reached you, thank you for calling us back by mail or by telephone
Quote - 2M and 4M internet services - and tv
Hello, I work for the US Embassy and would like to have Telenet internet service and possibly tv service in my home. I would like a quote and installed today . I'm looking for 2M or 4M. My co-workers have it so I am familiar with the pricing. It is near the police station - To get here, turn at the duty free diplomat store, turn right at the gas station, turn left on the main street, turn right on cocotier ave. I only speak English.
Hello my name is kevin im looking for TS2 SPACE internet at congo good internet how much is it and what kind of connection is it and is it suitable for youtube facebook and downloading big files ??? And how many computers can i use with this type of connection
High speed Satellite Internet provider
Hi I am the manager of ADIS pvt ltd and i wish to start a fibernet technology in my country based on satellite and fiber optic. I need you to provide me a list of your high speed internet package and price so that i can start my Internet Service Provider business in my country. i am requesting for 75 to 100Mbps. please let me know about TS2 SPACE price chart.
You use the related Afrikanet unlimited or not
Internet service
We are on Newtec platform. If are u able to give us Quantis service.
info about platform
hello we would like to know about TS2 SPACE - E70B Wide, Ku Band service. we are looking for Newtec sevice
Local Partner in Kinshasa-DRC
I would like to know how to have internet access by your satellite. What are your requirements? Who is your local partner in Kinshasa-DRC?
Service request
We would like to request your telephone contact because we need your service. It's urgent!
I would like to know the price per month of your services
Dear Sir/Madam, I want to start a new business on VOIP, I googled it and I have seen that TS2 SPACE services are better. Would you tell me the Broadband of your internet speed. Would you provide me with all commercial details. I am in Kinshasa and everything will be in Kinshasa. Best regards,
I want to know how much money all those TS2 SPACE equipments will exige!
please give me all possible explanations to benefit from your Businesscom Networks internet network!
OneWeb I'm going to a network where I can create subnets!
Dear sir/madam I am faizal i am from Congo now i am in Qatar .i want start ISP business in Congo so i need take connection via satellite so can you tell me what is the procedure and what is cost. Thank you
i want ur internet
Link System is a leader in Africa in the field of satellite. we providing reliable and secure satellite communications solutions, we connect telecommunications, corporate and government clients, and enrich the lives of one billion people worldwide. We provide reliable and secure connectivity with our global fleet of more than 27 satellites, as well as a network of more than 20 teleports, 6000 POPs and our partnership with Tier 1 Internet Service Providers.,q-1
Internet connexion
Hi There, I'm requesting the invoice for internet connection of 4MB upload speed and 1MB Download speed in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo
Internet connection
I'm looking for T11N iDirect Evolution internet connection in Bandundu (DRC). Three machines (Desktop, Laptop, tablet) will be accessing Internet and the possibility to use skype. Regards, Museti
Internet Cost
Dear Sir/Madam, Would you please send me your quotation offer for the TS2 SPACE SAT internet service you provide. We are expecting to have 6 to 12 stations (PC) in Uvira City which is near Bujumbura Capital. We are looking forward to hear from you soon. Sincerly, Pitchou
how to buy
hello, I would like to have the price of bgan as well as the characteristics of the internet connection, in short how it works in clear. subscription+equipment. thank you.
Need an internet router
Hello, I hope you are doing well. My name is Jessica and I work for a South African company. I am based in Kinshasa and I work from home. I need a OneWeb internet connection. Can you provide me with a router and a shared WIFI connection? What are the different possible options and costs? Can you send me a proforma invoice? Thank you and I look forward to your response. Cordially. jessica
Finding an internet connection provider
Hello I am from Mogas Congo and I am looking for an internet connection provider for my business. thank you.
Quote for New Internet Connection
Hi, Please send me best quote for New TS2 SPACE Connection in DRC with available plans for our office based in Kinshasa.
i need connexion internet by VSAT
i live kinshasa i need internet connexion give the contact for T11N iDirect Evolution service for Africa,Afrikanet Afrikanet Online Sari,Ku-Band Packages Residential, Small Business, Large Business, Enterprise Business, and the price of modem
i need connexion internet by VSAT
i live kinshasa i need internet connexion give the contact for T11N iDirect Evolution service for Africa,Afrikanet Afrikanet Online Sari,Ku-Band Packages Residential, Small Business, Large Business, Enterprise Business, and the price of modem
Internet wifI and broadband provider
we want use marketing can Quantis send me details and price how to take connection how to pay
Wifi or high speed wired connection
Details and quotes of these connections as i truly am in need of interbet in my house in kinshasa. Please contact me back as soon as possible on Businesscom Networks wireless or wired connection deAls. Thank you !!!
I would like someone to get in contact with me concerning your internet as we would like to install internet for our company. Please contact me thus we can discuss further. Thanks
One way Internet services
Could you help me connect my customers to one way broadband services. What should be ? How to do ?
type approval certificate request
we would like to know the necessary procedure needed to be follwoed in order to obtain the type approval certificate.The leadtime,price,local agent need and all the other information needed.For the type approval process in Eritrea
Dear all greetings , I am Mr Patrick sales Manager of Link System Company for reliable Internet Connexion DRC please email at [email protected] for free quotation...
Internet over a satellite link
We are looking for Internet providers over a satellite for our schools in the wider region of Kikwit (Bandundu).
We would like to know the prices of your equipment and services because we have many vsat customers in the area where there are no telecommunication networks.
Internet service provider by VSAT
Hello, I am currently working in collaboration with an internet service provider by VSAT. We are looking for new customers in Africa and would be delighted to present our offers to you. please contact me on [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. Sincerely, Badara.
Internet Offer
Dear Executive Greetings of the day. I am a Officer of Bangladesh Air Force presently working in UN. My workstation is BUNIA & DUNGU in DRC. Will you please send me all your available offers? Regards
need a connection
hello i want internet connection for my office work , speed i am looking for 10mbps download 20 mbps upload. send me details about your services.
satellite internet service
I need a contact to an isp please get back to me now.
type approval requirement information
Dear Sir/madame i hope you are well, i would like to seek for information on the procedures of obtaining type approval certificates,could you please help me with information on the lead time,cost,documents required,sample requirement and local representative required. hoping to hear from you soon thank you
Affordable internet Access with an acceptable speed (normal browsing without freezing)
Hello TS2 SPACE, I want to open an internet cafe in Kinshasa, DRC and want to have information about pricing and speed . My decision will be based on the price to pay per month for an acceptable speed. I will give you a follow up for the range of speed I would expect for the convenience of my future customers. Please provide me with information and contact numbers in Kinshasa in case i have more concerns. thank you for your service and i look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely. Samba.
Hi, I contact you because I have a TV channel based in DRCongo. I am live in London, and need just to have more informations about that please. Thanks
Vsat insternet
Looking for Tele Columbus Vsat
Information request
Good morning! I am in the process of creating an internet access supply company and I would like to know how much the subscription costs with you to provide me with the signal?
home internet
home internet
about internet connection.
MY organization need new internet connection in Bunia. If you have any local agent in this area plz stay in touch via email.
High Speed Internet from Vizocom
Contact me for all satellite internet needs in DR Congo. [email protected]; +243992005815 Competitive prices and stock materials.
Hello ! I was happy for visiting your website and learning your more about Globe Internet services. So, i am a small business i'd like to use your service in RDCongo for fast internet service. How can i do ? How much does it cost ? What can i buy ? (like hardware and where). Best regards !
Internet Service
This is kumar from limite,kinshasa,the republic of congo. am an it incharge of socalco. it is one of the manufacturing company for matches. we are looking for good internet service provider. If Quantis is providing internet services in limite, kinshasa, the republic of congo means kindly send the details and brochure of your company.
need a VSAT connection
need a connection by VSAT for law firm with 10 users evening 512/256 down/up
Wanted to check price of Internet package
Hello, I am interested in unlimited package of Quantis VSAT internet in Sange Township, Uvira Territory, Sud Kivu, DRC. Download speed 2 MB and Upload 1 MB is required. Kindly tell me price estimate of this package. Regards.
Need more information
Hi, I am Ban, Want to know more about services that TS2 SPACE offer. But also let me know if you also work with resellers in your system. Ban
Broadband quotation
Hello Team I am looking for Quantis broadband connection to my company in Kinshasa-Congo (DRC) can you please send the quotations from same Please revert to me as early as possible with either mail or cell call. It is very urgent Waiting your reply
Information request
Hello, I manage a hotel with 24 rooms (soon to be 36) and I would like to distribute a good quality Internet service to the occupants of the rooms as well as other hotel services via VSAT. Is it possible to put me in contact with your services close to Bunia, in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo?
Dear Sir, I am residing in Boulevourd near the Grand Mosque and would like to install the Quantis Internet Package at my residence. Please provide me the good offer.
Need dedicated internet connection 2Mbps full duplex
Hello, We need an Businesscom Networks internet connection in DR Congo in Kinshasha.. If you are able to provide this connection please reply this email with all your necessary formalities and price quote.
Small cafe inc
Hi My name is Merveille, and I would like to know whether Juch-Tech company provides it's internent services in Bunia of DRC of CONGO?
Internat service
Hi Does your company provide any internat services in Bunia? Please write back as soon you recieve this message.
to surf freely to internet.
To navigate to internet without any paying.
vsat portable
vsat portable
telephony by satellite
genre touraya
NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
Dear all Please send your monthly / six-monthly/annual subscription rates for the following connection: - 1. Unlimited package 2. Download - 5 Mbit/s . Upload - 1 Mbit/s Request mention installation charges and other one time charges separately Regards Ibrahim
v-sat information request.
I am in DRcongo in southern kivu province, I have a small office that is located in MINEMBWE where I want to contribute in its development with networking technologies, i have like two(2) machines,I need to know what I am required to do so that you can provide me a network.the network that we aquire from mobile telecommunication network is very low,we can not use it. thanks for your cooperation.
comment installer vsat
comment installer vsat
graduation work
transmission systems by NU Telecom satellite and operation of the vast and ISDN
Monthly subscription price and connection equipment
if the equipment is standard
we want to know Vsat price and subscription
We are a Church called Inter Viens et Vois Evangelical Centers, located in the DRCongo in Lubumbashi. We are looking for a Vsat that can serve as a clearing station to send our messages and sermons to the satellite.
VSAT Internet
I want a quotation for the VisionNet internet via VSAT in Kinshasa. 1 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload, 100 GB
free internet connection
hello my name is Nehemiah how can we have a free connection
Require internet connection
hi i need an internet connection of minimum bandwidth of 1MB up and 512 KB down , can u mail me ur quotation having packages details in this aspect ...kindly mention the prices in $
Dear Sirs, I would like to konw your Compatibily requirements. I have a 1.2m Dish / Offset 22, 5W Ku-Band, Universal LNB, Idirect X1 Modem
subscription rates for vsat internet connection at rwindi, congo (DRC)
Please send your monthly / six-monthly/annual subscription rates for the following connection:- 1. Unlimited package 2. Download - 2 Mbit/s 3. Upload - 1 Mbit/s Request mention installation charges and other one time charges seperately Regards Sanchit Puri
Broadband for home usage
Hello, I will be moving Kinshasa in march and I would like to install a broadband line as I will be connecting a telephone using the internet. the telephone has a UK number which can only be used when plugged to the hub. Is it something that you do? If so can you please give me a quote for the installation and the monthly price.
Newtec MDM3100 IP Satellite Modem Rev4
Hi; I need the item in subject asap. Can you please help me with the quote and the availlability of the products? Best regards Saint Augustin
Newtec MDM3100 IP Satellite Modem Rev4, looking for one piece
Hi, I m looking for one piece of the item in subject. Please provide the price and not that i can collect it from Rwanda my self. Please contact me any time on my phone: + & + Best regards,
internet connection
i want to use internet with my computer through your service
internet connection
VSAT installation
hi, We're planning to install VSAT for our Hotel and our Transport Company. Please, let me now u're condition and price. regard
ask for imfortions
hello i'm very hapy to be in contact with you i'm sure tha my proble is resolved ,l live in est of drc when truy analyse i discoved that we have a big proble in internet connection so i wont to know how will we access to a good cinnection thanks
Internet Connexion with You
I would like to greet you and to let you know that we saw that you are now in Democratic Republic of the Congo ‘DRC’ and we would like to have more information on where you are and how to contact you physically so that we can discuss how to be your client for Internet. We need you as our Provider for Internet connection. We would like to have your physically address, your phone number and where to meet you this Friday Morning. Thank you for all
I would like to be informed about your offers
Dear Provider, I am Flory LOBO, a congolese. I am interested by what you do. I have heard about you and I would like to read more about you and your offers. Please, let me be informed about equipements, broadband range and prices to connect up to 20 computers on a 4 Mb/s internet speed.
Connexion Internet by satellite
Dear Sir, We are looking for a best FAI by satellite which much give us a best quote. If you have avialibility to do it for us, please, let me know about operation. Best regards, Mr Jerome LOFINDA SODEXCOM Sprl Kinshasa - RD Congo
i want learn about vsat
if i cant find document talking about vsat
High speed internet connection
I need an Internet connection at home with capability to watch movies on demand, phone and data.
Vsat internet
Hello We are Latlong International a Security located in Congo DR Please can you provide us the quotation for the internet over VSat We are having our own equipment, the Idirect Series 3 , along with a 1.2M dish antenna Thanks
Had to
Hello, I want to offer a free wifi network in my future sports bar in Kinshasa (Limete) and also be able to connect my computers to the internet. What are your offers? Cordially.
Facebook always online
I want to be always online on facebook.Help me!!!
vsat prices
Hello I would like to know differents prices of differents vsat Thanks
VSAT CONNECTION for internet cafe for 15 machines.
Req a high speed internet connection
Hi, its Usman. i intend to instl a high internet connection in HQ South Kivu brigade. Plz share with me the internet packages, instl cost and recurring expenditure . Thanx
intrested in satelite internet for the drc
i need portable satellite internet to use in africa
Hi, I Am Writting To Inquire About Resseller Opportinity With Your Compagny. However , We Are ISP Operating In Congo DR We Need To Work In Partnership And Ressell Your Services.Please Send Us Updated Resseller Price List With All Detail And The All Satellite You Use . Looking Forward To Hearing From You Soonest. Regards , Patrick
Modem standard idirect x3 evolution
Hello, I need to know the prices of idirect x3 evolution standard modem. Thanks in advance.
VSAT KIT request
I m at Bunia. I would like to open a bunissess cafe with internet connexion via vsat. What can I do
Service internet par satellite
Our company is concerned about the problem of connectivity and is requesting a satellite offer via your company which offers several solutions in the field of satellite providers. Indeed, the company is small and we have a number of machines limited to 20, but we wish to have a bandwidth of 256/256kps per second if only possible, please contact us by email at the following address ( [email protected]) the procedure to follow and a proposal from your side that will allow us to make a wise choice. Please accept, Sir, Madam, the expression of our particular interest that we attach to your company.
Quotation Required for Songololo DR Congo
Total Users = 100 and will be more in future Internet speed = 4mb down/ 1mb up (ratio you can suggest which will be good for internet speed) Equipment's = with the feasibility of upgrading Main Router = With the availability of bandwidth restricting for users Also mentioned that if we make the contract with your company for internet services for the period of 1 or 2 years, then what will be the equipment's cost for us.
internet connection via VSAT in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa in DRC
I won't to know to in stale your vsat
require unlimited broad band internet connection
Dear sir we r situated in mushake, Goma in north kivu province.we require broadband connection. Please give us detail about the connection
connection network
I want satellite downlink and uplink in Congo
demande de l'utilisation de VSAT
Je suis information dans une entreprise, on nous dotée de matériel VSAT au milieu rurale maintenant je voulais vous demandez comment l'installer et utiliser? si vous pouvez m'aider. merci
Good Morning, we need connectivity 128/128 on W3A at 7 ° East (Eutelsat) or alternatively we can turn the antennas of 10 ° East or West, for a small network of 12 modem iDirect Evolution X3 in Ku Band. the area concerned is the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa) waiting for your kind reply I offer a distinct Greetings.
connexion internet gratuit
salut juste pour savoir si possible d avoir la connexion internet gratuit
Prix des equipements complets parabole et modem
donnez moi les modeles des equipements (parabole et modem), les prix, l'abonnement et le frais d'installation. je suis le Responsable IT & telecom CR RDC
contact for the test link before to sign any agreement
need some details for KU and C-band come your company
WIFI Provider
We are planning that your service could help bus bust up people's mind in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Kinshasa for the business of selling WiFi through small WiFi device. How could you advice Menon this?
new site to connect
IDIRECT Xi LNB: NJR 2784HH BUC: KU BAND UNIVERSAL 3W OUTPUT: 13.15-14.5 GHZ Please create an opt for NSS12 the site is located in beni Congo democratic republic. we need 1024/256 10.1 but like its the first time the trial is needed
REQUIREMENT of sat equipment K-Band for 512 Kbps INTERNET Connection
we for a private company, need satellite equipment to install for internet services at urgent basis. kindly reply immediately along with fresh rates of 2015 thanks for your co-operation
ISP ku band sat services required
sir, we want ISP service at Rwindi in Goma
provide of internet through vsat in rwindi congo
we want unlimited inernet package speed between 512 kbps & 384 kbps(all packages minimum to maximum) in rwindi through vsat, who are the providers in this area and total cost of all these equipments no of all providers in these area
Proforma prix internet c-band
Bonjour, Je souhaite avoir vos proforma de KIT complet et les different prix de v-sat pour être connecter sur C-BAND. Merci
Hello, please call for VSAT equipments in Bunia DR Congo
nformation request/very urgent situation.
Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to you beacause I need some information for my client. We need specific information about the Internet connection which you provide. I mean such information as: - what kind of sattelite, platform do you use; - what is the speed of download/upload; - what kind of devices/units are required to use this Internet band; - what is the foot print of this bandwith; - what is the cost and how is it connected to speed; - what is the minnimum duration of the agreement for Internet. Please send me those details as soon as possible because it's urgent situation. Of course if you have any other information which will be relevant for our client please include them also.
unlimitted bandwidth
these prices are paid monthly or annually
abonnement et equipements vsat
Priere me fournir un tableau complet de prix des equipements et abonnements en C et Ku-band, et aussi le delai de la fourniture des equipements ainsi que du sevice internet. si information supplementaire y en a priere de me faire savoir ASAP.
Request price
Hello Sir, Please if possible you send me the details
Bonsoir, J'habite dans la province du Maniema,dans la ville de Kindu,je suis responsable d'un cyber café ici sur place,voici quelques préoccupations par rapport à vos services: - Est ce que ma province est couvert par vos satellites - vous utilisez quel équipement pour la connexion,vsat ou comment? - et si c'est par vsat,vous avez quel model de modem? Mes coordonnées: xxxx
Comment avoir l'internet gratuit à travers vos services
je suis congolais de la Rdc, j'ai besoin de la connexion internet haut débit, alors je vous demande de m'aider en avoir gratuitement si ce possible.
to get connexion. about materials (antena, BUC, ...) I will buy here in congo or you sell and will send me ? the price of 165$ for 512/128 kbit/s concerne aech mounth or what ? I can't whrite in frech ?
New Vsat Connection required
We required a new VSAT connection at kanaga DRC .. we have 30 computers in our office and also wanted to use vedio confrencing.
connexion internet v sat
je voudrais avoir une connexion dans la cite de Sakania, province du Katanga downl 512 kb/s et uplod de 256 kb/s
acquisition d'une liaison satellitaire internet
Objet: Termes de référence pour une liaison Vsat Généralité: La société inférence est une entreprise de projet sise 277 Av Nyangwe- Commune de Lingwala. Nous sommes co-logés avec une dizaine d'autre entreprise. A travers le Syndic nous souhaitons acquérir en commun un station Vsat. Caractéristiques: Bande: Ku Bande passante: 256 Kb montant, 512 Kb en descente Elévation souhaitée supérieure à 45 deg Possibilité d'alimentation solaire Voip : enabled Disponibilité : 7/7 day Antenne: 1.8 M Connexion : Simple bond à Internet
Satellite Internet from Brazaville/Congo
Good afternoon We are a portuguese software-house, and we have a customer that needs an internet access in Brazaville/Congo in order to mount a VPN connection to Portugal. Can you please inform if you can supply this service, and the commercial conditions? Thank You Regards Manuel Alberto Gomes Resolve, Lda
Hello I'm in Congo DR, What are your requirements to become a reseller of your service, because currently am a reseller and my supplier is Gilat Satcom, but I also want to test you. my telephone: +243825919338, +243997433606 skype:salumu.banabinga.salos
we need internet connection at panzi, south kivu
hello we are a company in panzi and need internet for 16 people using laptops and smartphones, we will have contract for a yr , what will be the cost of 1mbps and 2mbps with unlimited downloads and what are the installation charges, thanks
Hello, Could you please let us you if you can provide us a satellite internet connection with a fixed IP in Kinshasa. What are the best deals you can offer in term of speed and price Many Thanks Berry
Vsat installation
Hi! want to instal for office even represent you on that in DRC, i have many customers in Bunia DRC. Regards.
offer satellite
hi, I would need a dedicated two-way satellite connection 128/128kb/s on Eutelsat W3A possibly on iDirect platform X3 Ages / Congo
. what are the condition of used your internet connection from vsat,
bas congo city; mbanza ngugu
j need your internete connection from vsat which are provided
drc congo city mbaza ngungu
besoin d'une connexion internet
j besoin de votre connexion en congo RDC et connaitre le prix des equipement
LAGRACE.NET (im providing v.sat and wimax in our District in East Congo)
Mine names is tourain KUBA i have my telecom for v.sat and wimax site. INTERNET PROVIDER. v.sat 1.8m et 1.2m ku band and and wimax i worder if is possible to active the berst services for my customers
j'aimerai avoir toutes informations pour être connecté au sud kivu, ici à baraka près de la cité d'UVIRA
Pour Cyber café
Manager Mr Thierry Kparagume
Nous sommes une organisation qui nous travaillions dans le domaine d'internet sur place en R.D.Congo
Price of BGAN
Please send me the price of 10 BGAN 512/128 or 256/128 to use in DRC and conditions of exploitation
How to activate SES4 in Congo?
SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas 256 kbit/s 1024 kbit/s 20:1 0.00 Tooway 6144 kbit/s 20480 kbit/s N/A .00
Need your internet service
hi! i'm locate in Bunia, DRCongo as an NGO for humanitarian activities, want to have internet for bureau right now, how can i get you material and injoy your services! i think it a good service.
Lyse AS
Hallo 015
Sea-Net Technologies Nigeria
New offers
Dial Telecom Dial Telecom Leased Lines Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Leased lines $price on request

NayaTel Connect 340, 480, 550 Download: 5-6 Mbit/s Upload: 5-6 Mbit/s Home Internet $246 to 399
CTM Home Broadband 4.0 Download: 4 Mbit/s Upload: 512 kbit/s Home Internet $17,94
Vodafone Albania Sh.A. Javore Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $2,32
ACT Antigua Computer Technology Co.Ltd ACT Online Broadband (Wireless) without equipment Download: 64-512 kbit/s Upload: 64-128 kbit/s various $73,63 to 184,63
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