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nformation request/very urgent situation.

Dear Sir/Madam, I'm writing to you beacause I need some information for my client. We need specific information about the Internet connection which you provide. I mean such information as: - what kind of sattelite, platform do you use; - what is the speed of download/upload; - what kind of devices/units are required to use this Internet band; - what is the foot print of this bandwith; - what is the cost and how is it connected to speed; - what is the minnimum duration of the agreement for Internet. Please send me those details as soon as possible because it's urgent situation. Of course if you have any other information which will be relevant for our client please include them also.
Cello Mobile
Swisscom AG
Airlink Broadband Ltd.
VisionNet Ltd
Equatorial Communications (“Equacomm”)
Tigo Senegal
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