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IPSec VPN and Mobile VPN

China Mobile Ltd.

Address: 200 Changshou Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 200060

Phone(s): (21) 3121-8888


Registered in the following countries: China

China Mobile Ltd. both with its subsidiaries was established many years ago and they started their business in Hong Kong (1997). China Mobile Limited is the top mobile services provider in China. The company includes a group of telecommunication companies thanks to which their services are well-known all around the World. This group of telecommunication companies stays on the world's biggest mobile network. They also have the world's biggest mobile customer base.The company is delivering voice and data services both with mobile products and Internet solutions for individuals and businesses.


China Telecom has its own worldwide Internet as well as 3G/4G mobile networks. The company also has many global partners so that they are able to guarantee a fast, simple and dependable business network for secure encrypted business data transmission. China Telecom also has the Distributed Service Platform which covers the Asia-Pacific region as well as a large part of North America and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. China Telecom’s clients benefit from developing enterprises as well as the utilization of “ChT” MPLS VPN hybrid network. This network is best for commercial use.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
IPSec VPN and Mobile VPN 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Local Area Networks $price on request monthly

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