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General Package- Gold

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General Package- Gold

Tus Telkom d.d.

Address: Brnciceva 49 Ljubljana, 1231 Slovenia

Phone(s): 080 22 88, 00 386 59 188 600


Registered in the following countries: Slovenia

Tus Telkom d.d. (or Telemach širokopasovne komunikacije d.o.o.) is a telecommunications company that is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They operates as an Internet Service Provider for individuals and businesses in the need of Internet access services. Their services include fixed line telecommunications, high-speed broadband, IPTV as well as VoIP. Tus Telkom d.d. has a goal to deliver flexible, high quality services not only for residential use but also to small, medium and large companies in the way they can save their money and time.


Tus Telkom d.d. (or Telemach širokopasovne komunikacije d.o.o.) offers General Package –Gold to all new customers who would like to very fast browse the Web, as well as big families where several members simultaneously want to access the Internet. It’s dependable, secure and this connection is delivered via a static IP address. General Package –Gold guarantees high-quality Internet connection no matter if the TV signal is stronger or weaker. This offer also includes 5 unique e-mail accounts, wireless WiFi and its cost is about USD 31.86 a month (speed of 20/2 Mb/s).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
General Package- Gold 20 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s Home Internet $31,86 monthly

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