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Telefónica Spain

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Telefónica Spain

Address: Avenida Gran Vía 28, 28013 Madrid

Phone(s): T : 915-844-816‎ F : 915-844-816


Registered in the following countries: Spain

Telefónica Spain (formerly Telefónica de España, S.A.U.) is an Internet Service Provider located in Spain. They offer fixed line telecommunication services as well as Internet access and other solutions to meet individual and professional needs. The company also offers Internet & multimedia services, data & voice business solution services, wholesale solutions for other operators. Between those services you may find PST network lines, integrated solutions, digital network access, public telephone services, international long distance as well as fixed-to-mobile communications products and services. The company has created also special offers / services for business clients who are interested in the most effective tools in managing networks, controlling their budgets via using super-fast Internet connectivity, etc.


Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Fusion with You 30Mb 3 Mbit/s 3 Mbit/s Home Internet $54 monthly
Fusion with You 300Mb 300 Mbit/s 300 Mbit/s Home Internet $66,96 monthly

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