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Ban Mae Pon, บ้านแม่บอน
List of all internet access services registered in Ban Mae Bon
Type of Internet connection:
* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
Juch-Tech Inc. C-Band Packages 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $120 to 4 800
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Mobile broadband $0,85
Businesscom Networks Satellite Internet Access by Businesscom 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request

Last Inquiries from Thailand

Payment method for ts2 space service fee
I want to pay for SATELLITE INTERNET SERVICES - E70B SEA EVO , Ku Band with TS2 for my husband who lives abroad. Where can I pay in Thailand?
What service do you have available
Hi Can you tell me what internet service 3BB can provide to my house, Thanks Jamie
internet via satellite
Chaiyaphum area of Thailand need reliable 10 mb. fast internet connection via satellite.
Businesscom Networks Internet by satellite
How much is the monthly cost for your internet connection ?
what are the prices?
100 max speed need the prices thanks
Thuraya GSM satellite handset
Internet via Satelite
I want if possibel to have an internet connection. I live in the village Nong Jau. about 35 km from Sisaket. Regards Tore G. Loken
Satelite Internet in Patong, Phuket
Hi , I live in the Patong Loft Condominium Building in Phrabaramee Rd, Patong and I was wondering if I can get Satelite Internet ? I am on the second floor of the building.
AIS Fibre subscription one year
Starting October 3rd, I come to live in thailand (I have a condo on Jomtien Beach Road) I am interested in a good internet provider and people told me that AIS is good. I have two questions: 1. What documents do I need to bring with when applying ? 2. VERY IMPORTANT: I need 2 ports to be opened (port forwarding) for 2 applications. In Belgium my provider opened them. I want to be sure that the technician, when installing modem etc, OPENS the two ports (not sure if they are closed in thailand port 64151/tcp and 50500/tcp). Those two things is the only reason I want to pay for a fibre subscription. Please aknowledge. Thank you, Ron
Internet via satellite
I live 27km from Phimai and there are no providers here that can give a internet connection. So what about TS2 SPACE satellite internet? Can you please provide me with Information on speed and cost per month. I

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Libya Telecom & Technology
Ts2 Space
SwiftTalk Limited
SrNet (Telesur)
Optimus Clix
Sprint Corporation
New offers
Comunitel Spain Comunitel Spain Network services Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Local Area Networks $price on request
Electronic Connections Limited Broadband Internet Download: 1 Mbit/s Upload: 512 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request
MTS Turkmenistan Internet Maxi (Internet Packages Day and Night) Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $41,33
Columbus Networks Ltd. Private Lines (BUSINESS SOLUTIONS) Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Leased lines $price on request
Tigo El Salvador Internet Pymes (for business) Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $49,99

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