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Last Inquiries from Nepal

TS2 SPACE Internet connection for a film expedition in Nepal
Goodmorning! We’re the Mountain film crew, a film production based in Italy, we need an internet connection for sharing live moments to international media for an expedition in the Himlung mountain! Can you help us?
Need Starlink connection for a film expedition in Nepal
Good morning! We’re the Mountain Film Crew, based in Italy, we need a connection for sharing live moments to international media of an expedition in the Himlung mountain. Can you help us?
Regarding Setting Up ISP
HI This is Amrit Dhakal I am looking for setting Up a New INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER in Nepal. Could you please guide me on how to set up a new Internet Service Provider?
For wifi business
Hello sir,please send me price for 1 month
New conection 20 mbps
Request to provide free internet service
Dear concern, please provide me free TS2 SPACE internet service in my country, Nepal.
How much TS2 SPACE costs and it's speed
Can I use this in remote areas
Internet connection
Internet for village are because there is no network available
satelite internet needed
min 2 mbps downloading min 1mbps uploding
Satellite Internet Access
We are an English NGO based at Nalang, 80kms from Kathmandu in Nepal and we are interested in OneWeb satellite internet access
Satellite internet access
We are interested in TS2 SPACE satellite internet access for our base in Nalang, Dhading, Nepal
Setting up an internet connection
I would like to have an internet connection ASAP. May be today or tomorrow. I am located in Siraha city, siraha municipality.
For Data Center Inter
We would like to connect Websurfer Dialup Internet for our Data Center. 10 MBps in 1:1 ratio.
Provide package
Please provide a Otel Communication package with monthly cost and installation cost
ISP csp triple play (internet + VoIP +CATV)
I want TS2 SPACE provider district siraha
About wireless internet
Does this service provides me a wireless internet?
Satellite Internet
Possibility of TS2 SPACE satellite internet for village area of Nepal.
Hello we will pay through bitcoin or how pay bitcoin else not possible please meaasge me
Wireless internet service
We are plaanning to install wireless internet in our school( community) so serching for affordable TS2 SPACE package.
Buy a
TS2 SPACE Wireless internet service
I am from Nepal. I work in a community school in one of the rural area of Nepal where telecommunication service is very weak and we are facing lack of internet service due to this problem teaching, learning activities affected so what could be done via your company and we ask you for donation because it is hard to pay money for the service, we are providing free education in the community.
TS2 SPACE Net setlighys
No internet access but WiFi connected
Mobile Samsung galaxy grand prime
Computer science
Setalight internet
I need setalight internet Himalaya region in Nepal
Dear sir, I would like to have S2 SPACE network connection. I an from Nepal. How to connect it and all installation cost is needed. Please help.
New installation
Worldlink Communications Nepal in Bharatpur Chitwan
I like TS2 SPACE satellite
i want to see my world from online in my laptop "please"
I need satelite internet in nepal
Hello SpaceX, i am amrit from nuwakot belkotgadi municipality ward no 1 arukharkha village / we need internet for more than 1000 houses, schools , offices both governmental & non - government / police stations , bank so if this company will provide me some information on this satelite internet / can we get perfect internet
About Internet
i want broadband high speed satellite internet connection like 100mbps but i am right palace reach here ?
Related to expend our business through satellite
Dear Sir/Madam, we are giving internet service via fiber since 2009. but we still interested for satellite internet connectivity .if you have any requirement for further business please let me know
idirect satellite router
dear sir, can idirect satellite router work in Nepal? please reply soon
I want start ISP in nepal
Hello sir I want start ISP in nepal
Internet for ruler village area
Sir i have a need internet or wifi in dumbibass seseni Nepal area
Remote Area Internet in the Himalayas
My name is Allen Nunnally, and I am the Country Director of Mountain Child in Nepal. We’re based in Kathmandu, however we are conducting many health and education projects in the most remote parts of the Himalayas. We are searching for an Businesscom Networks internet solution for these areas. It will help us further quality education programs, implement telemedicine, and improve overall communication. Can you please give me all the possible information for these internet solutions? Thank you!
sattalite internet needed
I want 15 mbps download speed and about 15 mbps upload speed internet. Is there any possibility for my need. And how much cost for installation and monthly charge for unlimited internet needed.
Regarding to wireless network
I would like to inform you that i want establish Ozone Wifi wireles network in Jaleshwor, Janakpur, Nepal. So please give me details about it if you can provide me in that mentional location. Thank you.
Satellite internet
Hi I’m looking for quick reliable internet in a mountain village in Nepal. Who is the best provider in the Rasuwa region? Thank you
vsat connection
I want to know about the costing and procedures for Subisu Wireless Internet vsat connection setup.
internet business
Dear / Sir how to business plan in nepal for TS2 SPACE internet connection small plane minimum 100 homes for sale how much cost high speed internet in nepal please give me information thanks Contact Sher
Need information about Business
Hi, This is Jnanendra, Managing Director of tangent consultant group pvt ltd nepal, I have some customer who are using Juch-Tech Inc. satellite bandwidth from different satellite service providing company from the different country. Do you have any local company who is supporting you to sell your bandwidth in Nepalese market? If you are interested lets discuss in details. I can work for you as a local agent. Thank you Jnanendra
Satellite Internet Access for High Himalayan Village
Hello, I am trying to locate a Businesscom Networks satellite internet provider for a high Himalayan village in Nepal. The village is located in a fairly open area and should be able to access satellite communications. I need to know the best options for 5mbps or faster service and the pricing (monthly cost, equipment costs, etc.). Thank you, Michael
Internet connection
I live in remote area of southern Nepal I.e near to the india boarder. I want fast TS2 SPACE internet connection in affordable price at my home. So please give me detail information regarding it.
Setup satellite internet
I run a business on the way to Everest base camp. I need to internet to faciliate my guest. What shall i do.
satellite internet
dear Sir I want to install unlimited internet connection for home at remote area of Nepal. is it possible and what are the cost of all devices and equipment. and how much it cost per month???
Internet service in remote area
I need OneWeb internet service at Rukumkot, Rukum. Can u please send me the descriptions regarding the internet services that can be used over there.
I’m looking for good SpaceX internet provider for school in mountain area of Nepal .
Satellite internet in Nepal
Hi I am interested in pricing of TS2 SPACE satellite internet in Nepal. List speed and monthly data usage in GB. Let me hear the different prices for different speeds and data usage. Let me also hear prices of above 30-50 GB data monthly (several hundreds GB). Kind regards Niels
i need vsat isp
Satellite internet connection
we are a Italian construction contractors operating in Nepal. We have 3 project at moment ongoing and we need Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network satellite internet connection because the location where we are operating is not covered or is not working as per requirement needed. Please send us a offer with installation time and cost. Best regards Antonio
dear sir, i hereby wan you to acknowledge about necessity of internet in rural area of nepal(mountainous country ) where land connection is impossible , so i want you to give me the best price with TS2 SPACE plans , please provide me the internet plans list. thank you ,
wifi internet service provider
sir i want to be wifi internet service provider in my town Mahendra nagar janakpur nepal. how can I get bandwidth.
satellite internet in nepal
Hey I want satellite internet in nepal Without any wire or fibre optic cable. Can i get this one in my home through satellite. If i get please give me price quotation about satellite internet in nepal
Satellite Internet
I want to starting buesiness of satellite internet in my country Nepal.
Delivery of the product
I need the TS2 SPACE - E70B Wide, Ku Band product
To Buy wireless ISP Package
Dear sir i want to buy wireless ISP Package for Nepal, To Start new ISP Business, Please Guide me for Your company Pricing and Setup Requirements.
5 to 10 mbps
How much it TS2 SPACE cost in nepal . want to use 5 to 10 mbps unlimited plan
satellite internet connection
need internet near Kushma, Nepal. TS2 SPACE satellite connection ?
Interested to work together
Dear Sir/Madam This it's me Gyani from Nepal and i wanna work together with you because i faced lots of internet problems in rural areas of Nepal so if you support me i can work together with you as a partner and i need detail information unlimited internet packages like 512 kbps,1mbps,2mbps,3mbps,4mbps,5mbps like this what's the price for it and can you support me to run your service where i want to launch inside Nepal rural areas. Waiting for your positive response Thank you
need bandwidth
i am planing to start new isp in nepal i need Lumbini Net bandwidth
About enquiry of internet service in rural area
Hi sir, This message is from Damauli, Tanahun, WDR, Nepal. We would like to know about plan and Subisu Cablenet pricing for rural areas service – from sales to installation, maintenance to upgrade from your ISP. Thanks, Sajan
monthly and setup price.
hI, I want an TS2 SPACE internet connection if possible, the 100Mbps down and up in a rural area in nepal though satellite internet. I want to get details about prices. how much internet speed is possible for home users via satellite? thankyou.
hi..I want to put Subisu internet in my house.. so give m ur advice .. what is a process?
I need satellite net for remote area of Nepal
More than download/upload speed 512/512 kbps in Nepal can TS2 SPACE provide me. what i should do to buy your net.
Need Price
Dear sir as i want to do internet business in remote area of Nepal can you please provide me Quotation for around 50 mbps
Internet use
I need TS2 SPACE
Bandwith for local ISP
Subisu Wireless Internet
Need to make full city wifi in nepal
sir/Madam Dear what type of internet your company is providing in nepal..
Detail about Connection
Dear sir/madam Please provide full detail about TS2 SPACE connection ,speed, tariff total expenses
Sir am planning to start new internet services provider company in Nepal I need bandwidth for my broadband company please arrange bandwidth for my broadband
I am planing for small broadband company fiber to the home type in nepal I need bandwidth please provide me that
Wanted to use TS2 SPACE satelite internet.
need to bandwith
i need 4 mbps band with for new isp company please sir i am ready to pay the required money please sir can Businesscom Networks please provide me in nepal
need to bandwith
need to bandwith
sir i am going to plan new isp company in nepal please sir can TS2 SPACE arrange me satellite services
need to bandwith
sir i am going to start new isp company (fiber to the home) in nepal i need bandwith through satellite including all materiel i am reddy to pay the required maney it is very urgency for me plz sir help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
i need to connect satellite internet in my home
i am from Danchhi, Kathmandu, its a bit far from city area, so lack good telecomunication service here. i need a high speed internet and that also must be uninterupted. how can i get such service from Subisu. can you please send me details about your service packages and subscribtion methods.
needed of bandwidth in nepal for business burpose
hello sir/madam this is prabesh bhattrai from Nepal. I want a bandwidth for the running ISP in Nepal with your would you please provide me the quotation of rate of bandwidth.
I want to know everything about Worldlink satellite internet and its usage and installation guide and the charges apply
New vsat intallation
1 want TS2 SPACE internet service on a village of nepal. what will be the initial cost and monthly cost
satellite internet connection
I would like to know the details and feasibility of TS2 SPACE satellite internet connection at our place. the package details of your service
nepal vedio
About broadband internet connection!!!
Dear sir , i am villages Internet service provider (ISP) from nepal, i want to buy internet direct from you is this possible if yes how can i get all device and how much money i have to par .i want 1mbps/s Satellite broadband. please send me E-mail : [email protected]
satellite internet
we are looking for TS2 SPACE satellite internet device for in Nepal.
Regarding opening new ISP
Dear Sir, I would like to take piece of advice to opening an ISP in Nepal direct from satellite with good speed, where i have contact and get all devices includes server all these equipment how much will cost ?? upto 200 please , suggestion in details i will be very thankful to you, looking for kind reply..thanks and regards, Chander,
Sat in Nepal
Can you give me details and pricing for Sat in Nepal. Thanks
Broadband Internet Service
Hi there, I am traveling to Nepal on a medical research trip February 25, 2015, for 3 months. The aid station that my party will be assisting at is located in Manang, Nepal. The town runs on mostly solar power and has no accessibility via roads, leaving satellite internet as the only means of connection to the rest of the world. Please contact me with any information regarding services you may be willing to provide or donate. I am willing and capable of transporting equipment and setting it up with minimal training. Once I have an understanding of what the technical limitations are of the satellite constellations servicing this area of the globe, I am planning on raising some funds in order to donate satellite internet service to this town. I hope you can help!
I Want use Businesscom Networks Internet service . What Can i do for this ?
internet need in himalaya
i am in Samdo village of Nepal at 3880m in altitude ,i have satellite internet of ku band from Nepal telecom, but is very slow and inefficiency can i have better than this or can you modify this ku band service for me, please do mail me soob
Satelitte Dish
I am looking into options for a remote settlement in Norther Nepal next to the Tibet Border . It is a mountainous area and the internet they have is ver intermittant and ruddy godawful.
Dear Sir/Mam I am from kathmandu, Nepal. I would like to correspond regarding one wifi project please respond me
Satalite internet
We are looking for satalite internet connection in Godawari, Vedic Arogya Ashram speed of 10 mbps.
connection with the satellite
I want to connection with the satellite because I want to cnnected it with my wi-fi so how can l do please connected
Network Service Provider
Respected Sir, As I want to become a Network Service Provider in Bara (Nepal).So can you please provide me the eligibility dsl or cable in my area.
I need internet.....
satellite Phone, internet in Nepal
Could you please send us the price details of satellite Phone, internet in Nepal?
please sir i am going to plan new isp compony in nepal i need to your help plz i need to broadband please send me plan details on my in plz plz plz plz i know any thing but i need broadband only
umpc with sattlite internet
we need to buy
i need internet connecting
i need internet connecting
International Bandwidth.
Please offer.
1 or 2 month of internet access in Nepal
We are looking for a provider for to send data from base camp of Anapurna in Nepal. We wish to send video stream to 400 or 800 kbits/s. Duration : 1 or 2 month Is it possible ? What is the price (with modem and antenna) ?
know about internet
i want to know about internet
how can I buy ISP in my own country
Respected sir I am in need of ISP system for to connect the people of rural areas with the progressive world. I'm a BTech student and want to have this connection for my library,school and for my village of more then 50 houses. Network provided by nepL government is expensive and not of good coverage so I preferred to have this system. How can I contact u for to have this system, one thing there is no broadband connection neither landline conne tion.
internet installation
I am planning to set up a money transfer in remote area. Need to install internet service beforehand. I need internet connection hassle free. Need suggestion. Thank you.
Regarding New ISP
I am thinking to start the high Speed internet service provider in Nepal so where I should contact and currently How much do I need to Spend in the beginning???
bandwidth rate and location information
for an ISP in Nepal
i want to details about broadband and i want to purchase
i am going to start new isp compony i i neeed to help broadband for nepal
want internet
I am going to establish my new ISP company, but not sure where i can get best internet data packages. If you could guide me then it will be my great pleasure..
internet bandwidth
we established new isp in nepal. we want to perched Hugh internet bandwidth for isp.
ISP in Nepal
Sir i want to be ISP in Nepal... I want to know the procedure to get internet service from you...
i want internet connection my villiage not have ing internet facelity but iwant internet connection
Sir I want internet connection in nepal
i need net service
i need net satellite service can u give mi more details
Dear sir ,i'm from nepal.i want to buy internet direct from you is this possible if yes how can i get all device and how much money i have to par .i want 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s Satellite broadband.please send me information .thanks Santosh
Satellite Broadband
What's average speed? What's availability timing? Thanks
i am running one isp company . i want internet connection directly from your company . is it possible . please reply me as soon as possible.
How do I take net here
Hi I am from Nepal this is mountain country and here is very bad service I want to take satellite service from you how is this possible? Could you plz send me details?
internet for ISP
i am running one isp company . i want internet connection directly from your company . is it possible . please reply me as soon as possible.
hello sir...
Hello ser namastay it's me taplejung kanchanjunga ghunsa I need sat internat in ghunsa. How much cost your equpment. Than how much cost per mounth chrage.pls reply me.
please provide me a internet
please provide me a internet
Pee Dee OnLine Consulting, LLC
Ljosleidarinn (GR)
Orbit Research Ltd.
Terra Networks S.A.
Goscomb Technologies
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Airtelecom Capped ADSL Internet Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $4,63 to 68,29
UPC Cablecom Holdings GmbH New: Internet 250 Download: 250 Mbit/s Upload: 25 Mbit/s Home Internet $88,11
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