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Last Inquiries from Iran

one-way satellite internet
hi we live in Iran we need one-way satellite internet to share between our friends and families we need high bandwidth about 200-500Mbs let me know if you can provide us with that service best regards
I want buy Starlink
Hello sir or modom I want buy Starlink internet satelite equepment Please help me to buy thanks
About one way satellite internet in iran
Hi Netconnect I have dvb and my dish is adjusted on eutelsat w3 . Is it possible to use your service in Iran?
Service availability and costs
سلام منتظر کمک شما هستیم
High Speed Internet Tariffs by Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat
Free internet
I want this net , let me know this is available in iran ????
I want Webotel internet
Hello sir i want to know is wabotel is available in iran ?? Sistan va balochistan saravaan???
TS2 SPACE satellite internet
Hello I need to use sattelite internet in Iran in Isfahan province. Which services can I use?
Businesscom Networks satellite internet
Hello I need to use sattelite internet in Iran in Isfahan province. Which services can I use? I have ku universal LNB and dvb-s2 e461 stick. Are they useful for Businesscom Networks?
I want Starlink satellite internet for my home
I want to by a good and High speed Internet because of the sanctions and the situation in Iran and we dont have liberty.
starlink internet
Hi I would like to buy starlink internet in Iran I would appreciate it if you tell me the information
TS2 SPACE Checking avaiablity in IRAN
Hi im from IRAN I want to know how and where to buy equipments of your company in my country and price of satelite internet per month please help me
I am a logistics consultant and contractor for international institutions in Iran. There is a big tender for Internet services for the World Bank and international institutions, which has not been publicized. If you are interested in receiving and buying the tender documents, I am at your service. Zoten 2022 with 90 days validity, thanks to Khosro Vestaei, whats-app 0936 376 36 82. The specifications of the financial offer must comply with the requirements stated in the basic conditions and the technical offer of the bidder. Note: )) on behalf of the third party listed in the basic conditions, intends to enter into a multi-year long-term contract with a qualified Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the provision of travel management services. The ISP selected at the end of this tender will provide the desired services based on the same price list for all organizations. Currency unit of the proposed financial plan: Iranian lira Table 1: Price list Description (price unit - Iranian lira) 700 MB * The service provider must be able to increase the bandwidth in any location/site upon request and based on the fixed unit price provided. and reduce it. Additional cost table/price list: Please indicate whether it will be added to your proposed amounts (above) or not. For one or more specific sites, whether the cost of additional costs may be related to transfer traffic, link cost backup/add-on etc. Note that this is an optional financial clause that has a direct impact on the overall competitiveness of your proposal, meaning that some bidders may not consider additional fees for providing these services. The reason for charging an additional fee - in lira (for each site or each megabyte) 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X [name and surname and signature of the authorized representative of the service provider] [title] [date] The formula for calculating the financial weight of the bidders: (x700 unit price) (+) 1X x the relevant offer price (+) 2X x the relevant offer price (+...) for 16 cities in Iran Payment Terms The contract's total Payment is expected to cover installation costs, technical services, costs of after sales services and provision of required equipment and any other relevant administration and logistic-preparation costs regarding this service. b. The Contractor shall not do any work, provide any equipment, materials and supplies or perform any other services which may result in any costs in excess of the total contract amount. c. Upon receiving and verification of monthly services, payments will be transferred by each agency to the account number of the contractor introduced through required forms, registration documents and bank certificate. d. Each payment will be made monthly and within 30 days from receiving verification and receipt of the original and accurate invoice from the contractor. e. Payments will be made according to Agency regulations as explained in the contract documents. Currently 16 locations including 25 offices in 6 cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Kerman, Shiraz, Isfahan  Internet service should be based on a fixed monthly payment plan without additional payment or traffic and time limit.  Only receiving symmetric bandwidth is considered in the contract.  The main connection should be fiber optic, or microwave/radio type. Bidders can offer only the above two types or high-speed copper links (MPLS/DSL) for the backup link.  Configuration of automatic switch (over-fail) between main and backup links in case of failure.  Network topology and documentation of proposed links should be sent along with the technical proposal. / and 29 / to be divided for offices.  Providing BGP support for routing the specific IP/network AS range of the organization.  Subnetting (subnet (required at least 16) and (8)) public static and routable IP address for each From offices as described in Table 1.  Provision of a dedicated router at the ISP level to be used only by the organization as the first hub for all links.  Bandwidth monitoring tool/website should be made available to the customer. (preferably PRTG monitoring system for each link and providing access to for further monitoring). Internet (and configure an additional virtual IP range dedicated to each office and accessible from other offices. The expected delay time is less than 50 milliseconds.  Also, the bandwidth structure should be configured in such a way that if some Offices use their own bandwidth, this bandwidth can be used by other offices. In other words, if there is unused total bandwidth, each office must be able to reach the maximum capacity of the predefined link (more than its dedicated bandwidth). (to be achieved.) The reliability of the service must be guaranteed and the overall usage time must not be less than 8.99%. The company's competence:  Having a valid FCP license from the Iranian Radio Communications and Regulatory Organization (CRA)  The bidders must show that at least for a period of They have been active in this sector in the domestic market for five (5) years.  The bidder must be able to provide internet services for all the sites mentioned in Appendix A.  The bidder must have experience in providing FTTH/LTE/Intranet/MPLS/VDSL/ADSL internet services and if there is infrastructure, providing the mentioned internet services.  The bidder must have the experience of providing Internet services to at least five sites in the last 5 years.  The bidder must have the ability and infrastructure to provide Internet services in potential cities. will issue general services under this contract. Taking full consideration of the services provided by the contractor in accordance with the terms of the contract issued by each of the organizations, after confirming the satisfactory provision of services by the relevant department, the relevant and approved monthly amount will be paid to the contractor. A. It is expected that the total payment of the contract will cover installation costs, technical services, after-sales service costs and provision of required equipment and other operational and procurement costs related to these services. b. The contractor must not provide services, equipment, materials or other requirements that lead to costs exceeding the total amount of the contract. J. After receiving and confirming the monthly services, payments are deposited by each of the organizations to the account number introduced by the contractor in the appropriate forms, registration documents and bank certificate. d. Every payment will be made on a monthly basis and within 30 days after receiving the confirmation and receiving the original detailed invoice from the contractor. e. Payments will be made according to the regulations of the organization, mentioned in the contract documents. The current bandwidth requirement is approximately 600 Mbps in total.
Starlink Internet service for home
Dear spaceX We need a speed of 50 MB internet for our social media usage. You have coverage in iran ? And also send us your quote ?
need PanaTelecom internet on QESHm island 80KM of ur servis
hi can we use ur internet here we are 80km far from you PTP can use i thinks we can pay for yor staition on harf ghabt
hi need Omantel wifi intenet on QESHM island
we can use and we pay for station
SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas
In need of good TS2 SPACE internet cause I can't stream..
Hi there, hope you're having a great day, i would like to request for a good internet cause I've been a gamer my whole life and I'm in need of a good internet to stream cause it seems like I can't get out of this country with the current circumstances.. and internet is horrible here so I'm actually suffering everyday cause of it.. not cause I just can't play right and have fun , cause I'm 28 and being a fifa-player is actually my job.
تمام وسایل داخل این سایت موجود است
TS2 SPACE Support internet
Hello, this internet can be used in Iran
Satellite Internet Solution
Hello there, We are a petrochemical Company that our headquarter is located in Dubai. I appreciate if you could give me any solution regarding Internet connection via satellite technology and any plan that supports this solution. Looking forward to hear from you Kind Regards Sogol
TS2 SPACE Internet access via satellite
Hi there , I am looking for a package to give access to satellite Internet inside Iran for personal private use. Is there any portable connection?
satellite Internet
Hello, I wanted to connect the satellite internet of my mobile phone, what should I do?
purchase request
hi, my name is arsham , as live in iran and we are faced with daily censors and now they are trying to take away the internet from us, i was wondering how can i have SpaceX satellite internet in iran, how can i buy the equipment? how much do i pay? how do i keep the payments going as the only feasible way we have for payments is in cryptocurrency and our banking is not connected to the rest of the world and most service providers have sanctioned us along with the government , i seek help and guidance please help me understand how it's going to work thank you kind regards .sh
order Businesscom Networks satellite internet
Hello Dear Admin i checked you offer services to iran (karaj is my city) i am gonna buy a satellite internet service Dl Speed 2-3 Mb is enough please send me your reasonable service price and modem price ,, i mean final price i must pay to get the service 0-100 Mohammad
Satellite internet
Hello, I can set order for your satellite internet please help me thanks.
Internet connections over Thuraya XT
dial up internet
satellite internet
satellite internet
Need all year round connection
TS2 SPACE - Thuraya IP
One Way free
Sky2data Communications - One Way Broadband Internet Access
Account internet dvb
Account internet dvb
Hello and do not be bored, I wanted a satellite account, I bought all my equipment and it is ready. And my address is Iranshahr Miandoab. Can you give me an account? If possible, send me the price list of the accounts. Thank you.
plaese free internet for iran
hi how much day to active SpaceX internet?
Hello, I use idirect x3, Vish 1.8 and lnb idirect devices in Shahindaj, Iran. Now I wanted to buy an online account to set up. Please help us.
One-way satellite internet
Hello. Good time. Please advise me on how to get one-way satellite internet and list of plans in terms of traffic, speed and price. And type and brand of DVB-S2 card required. Thanks
HI my friend is there any dial up service for Iran AND what is cost.thanks
satellite internet iran
hi i want test TS2 SPACE internet how can i buy and install? price?
Buy the equipment of sat internet
Hello I am glad to find your site , i am living in iran , people of iran have not good internet , not free , and low speed. For this happen , i like to have a free internet . Please help me . Thanks for your guidance .
Satellate internet for iran
Hi I have all of the equipment for TS2 SPACE satellate internet and just wanna an account to connect the world ! Thanks
Satellite internet
i have 2 questios: 1- Is this solution Plug-and-play or it needs time to be set and ready for use? 2- Is this reliable and will break through the internet block forced by the Government?
hi how can i order tooway satellite internet and hardware from iran and how much is that and how can i pay
dialup access
Hello, I was wondering how my family can get access to dialup TS2 SPACE Internet? are there any other options too? Best, Hesam
Businesscom Networks Connect two factory
Mr/Miss We are working on a plan for connecting two factory between iran and iraq Is it possible to connect these two sites
How we iranian van pay your bils
Hi Im happy cuse you are thinking about my land but you know and perhabs so many of peoples know we can not have finance or credit or pay directly with another countries so i perfer you open a line for ran free or delite iran of your list cuse thats a joke for me and somebody els that i have interaction with english isnt well so sorry
Satrelate internet
Hi I want get TS2 SPACE satrelate internet I am from Iran . Way I get ?
Hi, my good time, I am from Iran asking for high-speed Internet 1000 Mbit Is it possible for Iran to be covered by satellite or wireless?
I want a TS2 SPACE connection what i do i m living in qom iran
How can I start my tade as an ISP?
How can I just be an ISP? how can I povide Internet service basicly?
Internet satellite
Hi Please send me 128-128 to 512-512 price list for satellite . My location near Tehran in Iran Satellite Internet Access by Businesscom 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT
Very fast speed internet
Hi ; I am planning to do some Customer/Tech support in Tehran for about 3 months and would need an Un-interrupted internet connection at all times since I will be using Bomgar for remote connection to clients's servers in the states. Please advise, what the most economical would be ADSL2 or Salttelite.
satellite internet
i want to by satellite internet for land to ship commuinication please help me give me the price
whats the high wifi packages with prices in usd
hi im coming over tehran planing to stay with the family need a Pars Online high speed wifi more then 100mb whats the price for that or 1GB speed in usd price and thanks for giving your time.
Internet to Shiraz, Iran
Hello, I'm portuguese and at this moment i am living in Shiraz, Iran. I really need a good Shatel - ECO 8192 NFG internet service, with good speed, and i want more informations about your system. At this moment i'm living on a hotel. It's possible to me, use it here? Best Regards
Sattelite internet
How to get connected to your service provider? Thanks
need high speed satellite in iran
hi i need high speed Businesscom Networks satellite internet on iran (10-20 Mb upload) in Qom, iran and want to know about monthly price and equipment that we need to connect. thanks.
OneWeb Serivce
I would like to know if oneWeb service is active over Iran. if this service is active in Iran we would like to have cooperation to provide the service to end users. We are satellite service provider in Middle East and we have more than 15 years experience on VSAT and satellite communications. Regards, Asad
Pars Online - Annual High Speed Internet for telegram,video,move, because is slow internet and.................
how can receive free satellite internet in iran
YahClick TS2
TEST account request form - One Way Satellite internet
TEST account request form - One Way Satellite internet
Do TS2 SPACE provide internet in Tehran. What are your tarifs. Do we need some special modem regarding your satelite .Thanks in advance!
hello support team, i will travel for 1 month in Teheran (Iran) and i just want to know what conditions do TS2 SPACE have for my request cause as i said i only need an internet access for 1 month there. What speed do you gurantee and how many rates and deals do you have? greetings Darius
Satellite internet
hello ! i'm trying to get internet for my country house in kerman province .its a far located Village and theres no internet provider there,so iam looking for a satellite internet,can u tell me how can i order it ?
Request Internet Service
Dear All We are the most important online travel agency in Iran and we need to improve our Internet service connection for our Iran Office. Could you please send me a report with Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat rates? At least 4mbits upload /download. Best regards, Thanks.
business internet access
Hi Please let me know if Shatel provide service in IRAN
Busness internet access
Hi, Could you please let me know if Businesscom Networks can provide internet in Iran. Reagrds
hi i want a shatel vpn connection pptp or l2tp is it possible to give me the price?
VSAT connection for FPSO
Dear support team, i would like to know about TS2 SPACE VAST service
Requesting Internet
Hello VSAT-Satellite-Services, I just wanted to know what is your company ( couldn't find anything on google ) what is your website to apply for an internet? can you explain your company to me? i read that you are giving 100mbps internet connection and that can be awesome to me, thanks for answer.
Hello, I need to know the best, fastest connection you have for Iran/Tehran. Every possibility you have. Could you inform me about the TS2 SPACE pricing? Best regards
Hello there! I am interested in TS2 SPACE services and i wanted to get more information; like price and requirements. Thanks
Unlimited Internet Usage
Ba Salam. Aya mitoonin ghaymat Internet with soraat hadeaghal 5Mbps baa hajm na-mahdood ro be man bedin? (Baraye Estefadeh Dar Manzel) Mamnoon Hamed
Hello dear I would like to setup YahClick TS2 Internet satelite speed 5 mbs is okay but I downloaded more than 500GB in month also I'm home user and I need cheapest prices could you advise me what can I do ?or do you have any service to add g on plan? And if I have dish lnb for TV can use for Internet or lnb different kind of TV or same ?
Free Internet
Request Free Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat Internet
TS2 SPACE iDirect Evolution W6
service request
we want to buy TS2 SPACE high speed internet
request for satelite internet
Hi. I wanted to sign up for TS2 SPACE satellite internet . can u guide me thru it? Thanks ..
I want high speed internet
I want high speed ADSL2 Plus by LTC
monoto tv
YahClick TS2
Hello, can a foreign company have internet in Iran?
Scott Miller
Trying to get in touch with Scott Miller who I believe is in Iran.
satellite internet quote
Dear Sir/Madam I'm writing this email to let you know I need internet access through satellite in Iran. To have a better choice, please sent me a list of all your packages and services. It will be appreciated if I have the list as soon as possible. ,Regards
Hi speed internet
Dear Sir/Madam, I need to buy Satelite internet, please help me. Regards,
Using the Internet for satellite
Internet usage for satellite
satellite internet for kish island
I need the satellite internet for may factory in kish
Internet Access for private company
I need a two way satellite internet access. Are you able to provide me the equipments? How much does this service cost?
advertise in Internet Providers
Hi We have an News Channel in arabic , We want advertise our programs in Internet Providers . how you can help us ?
satellite Internet
satellite Internet
spesfication and price
Dear sir; Hello.I am in Iran and I need a system for internet if you have send infirmation of this product or send your agent address in our country it better.thanks Kami
Hello, I had a request for satellite internet, thank you
Hello, is it possible to get satellite internet agency for Iran??
hi i want know how much bandwidth you can give and send to us in iran ?
Internet High Speed for Tehran
dear sirs, where is your office in tehran? i need immediately high speed internet for my business. please let me know how your service working here? bet regards
high speed internet for tehran- saadatabad-kooye faraz/iran
dears sirs, i need for my business in germany from iran high speed internet. please send me your offer to my mail. best regard amir
Buying and setting up a shopping mall in Tehran, Iran
Buying a receiver device and how to install it and the cost of the device in Tehran, Iran
Saman Pardaz Gharb Computer Company
hi . i am saeed from the sales department of Saman Pardaz Gharb Company in Urmia Iran . our company has started selling internet accounts to our customers with high speed rate but as the customers grew the bandwidth is not enough so we are planning to work with one way satellite internet providers to get our needed bandwidth . i wanted to know that if we can start a business toghether . if so i would appreciate if you send me the tariffs and plans thank you
high speed
Celtam. I want to have satellite internet, how can I buy it?
Pre-order questions
Hello, Firstly, I'd like to thank and appreciate your attention to Iran. I got excited when I saw Iran in your list. I wanna order your service for Iran (Gilan state). I need to know more about the required hardwares and also about the possibility of paying via Paypal. Please let me know about the subjects above and also where I've to start from. Name: Amin Shahrohki Looking forward for hearing from you, Thank you, Amin
mehrad zahedy
Connection to your saltin
How can I access to your service and product in iran
Hi, Please help me.Internet is too slow and boring in Iran.How can I access to your service and product in iran
fast speed internet and cell phone connection
I am looking to get a fast internet service as well as cell phone connectivity while traveling to Iran particularly Tehran.
global satellite
mobile internet global satellite
global satellite
mobile internet global satellite
Sirs, My company ICASAT, is one of the biggest VSAT providers in IRAN. I am writing to show my interest to cooperate with your company. please do not hesitate to use our diverse VSAT services in case any of your customers are asking for it. Regards,
How can I buy internet from your site?
Please guide me on how to use satellite internet, do I need an accessory, how should I buy it, how should I use it, where to get the internet speed, how much data is required for online shopping, please explain completely
Hello, I wanted to receive internet via satellite and I wanted you to email me what parts I need and how to install it.
Hi ... I am in Iran .. Internet in my area is heavily filtered. How can your company satellite Internet access? Thank you ...
High speed internet for Android phone
Hello and don't be tired, my internet speed is very low and this slow internet speed is tormenting me a lot, so I am asking you to increase my mobile internet speed for free, if you do this I will be very happy. I am waiting for your reply, thank you.
How can I order and pay?
Receive Only for Iran
Hello, I have all hardware ready, may please advice how can I get the receive only from satellite from your company for Tehran,Iran?
Request for satellite internet service
Hello, please explain how to deposit money and provide service. At the same time, please also introduce your necessary possibilities
satalit net
i need give satalite internet in iran
I can use your free satellite internet in iran i have it now for help you
hello i wanna get internet from iran . what s need Requirement and price for internet satelite only.
iran service
hi , i am david from iran,do you have 1 way service on sat? how much is 1 way? , ip static , do you have selling server or vps ? thanks
how much is that fee? for Iran for home
how much is that fee? for Iran for home
use your service
how I can in Iran?
hi one questions? i want service but i what pay your service money? i have webmoney. thank you
خرید سرویس Thuraya IP
چطوری پول به حساب شما واریز کنم.
Hi How to get your services in Iran?
satalite internet in iran
for cell phone and computer for home
help internet ka band or c band 10 mb donload speed
Alright. Now I have a 180 cm dish and LNB C-band and ku band LNB and dvb prof8000. Is suitable for the Internet.? Which frequency received by me My interest in satellite Internet. I do not know what frequency. Which Mvdlasyvn. Help me in hardware and software.
satellite or frequency data
Hello I wanted to get internet and I'm currently in Iran , ka band in Iran? lnb ka band brand?
satellite or frequency data
Hello I wanted to get internet and I'm currently in Iran , I wanted to know if you provide service for here and if ever do you have anyone here for selling the dish and other stuff thanks
hi i m in iran,tehran, i need hi bandwith for internet. if you can help to me, please send your documents and what need hardware & software for this purpose. plus yearly price. thanks Mobile :+xxxx
اینترنت ماهواره ای
اینترنت ماهواره ای چگونه است وآیا نیاز به مجوز دارد
Need 100Mbits Download Speed
hi i need the 100Mbits bandwich unlimted for Download in 24 hours a day 7 days of week and 30 days of month please give me a price , my location at asia>iran>tehran tnx
Hello I wanted to get internet and I'm currently in Iran , I wanted to know if you provide service for here and if ever do you have anyone here for selling the dish and other stuff thanks
Download Speed MAX & MIN
hello i want use satellite Internet In Iran and i want know my speed will how? ( Download & Upload) Minimum and Maximum speed. i must pay 900$ for once or every month? i want know my Ping time to and is how whit this internet? thank you.
Hi Iranian Me What equipment do I need for Satellite Internet What should I do to order
internet in Bojnourd city
Hi, i need your internet for My country in Bojnourd city, i cant buy , and you help me, how i can will buy your internet. Thanks
I want a sat usb modem
request for EDSL
Hello there,i want to get internet access with satellite,no filtering,no limitation. please hint me that what i have to do.
sattelite internet
how i order or how iget sattelite internet equipment in iran
Satellite internet in IRAN
Hello, I need an internet connection based on Satellite to use it in IRAN. My download and upload constraints are 4KBps and 2KBps, respectively. I also need the full hardware equipments. Could you please let me know about your offer. Thanks Firouzi
hi i want about ur service
hi i want to know can i use ur services in iran and my other question ur servises have night free time
i need a acount how can order ?
i need to service
hi pls guide me ,how can i order a service? thx
Satellite Internet
Hi, I am interested in your up to 20mb/s - 30GB/month satellite internet service for Iran. Kindly inform me whether this service is available/operates for Iran, including costs and subscription details and length of contract. Best regards, Ben.
how can i get it
how can i get it here in iran?
how can i get it
how can i get it
satellite internet tooway
for business
hi i need a10 mbps tooway internet in iran what should i do?
Please help
Hi I am from the USA and I will be going on vacation to Iran Ilam and I was wondering how can I get this service thanks
Hello I live in the usa and plan to travel to iran in near future. I would like to know if your services can be used there. Kindly provide me with all information I need to know on this. Thank you very much. CJ
can i use it in iran and how can i get equipments
Coverage in Iran
Does your service cover Iran? If so can I subscribe in the UK for use of the service in Iran?
Order internet satellite
How do I order this service. I have relatives in iran who need it installed. Is there a way possible for Me to order on their behalf. We want 30 gb cap per month and 20 mb line. Thanks
satelite internet
I'd like to know of it can be used in iran. Also i need to know the insalation fees, equipments,... Is it applicable for home usgae. I am thinking of Tooway 10 Mb/6Mb download/upload which costs monthly USD 40. Finally, please let me know if you have any local agent in iran, so i can touch.
Tooway Internet Connection in Iran
Hi I'm Yasser i want to have Tooway service in Iran (Bushehr). Please d
satalite internet in iran
wanna use satalite internet in iran and dont wanna use the local lines and providers please advise if possible product you have regards reza
Satellite Internet enquiry
To whom it may concern, We are looking for satellite internet service in middle east region. Our location is in Iran and we need dedicated service for this place. Service should have high quality and support voice and video Smoothly without jitter and the lowest available ping time. Europe hub is preferred We will start at 1/1 Send and receive and will upgrade to 4/4 S/R Please send your quotation to this address with all attached details . Thanks & Regards
satellite internet
please advise available satellite internet service in Iran.
Request for quotation - URGENT
I come to you as Project Manager working for COLISEO INTERNACIONAL SAS an international contractor specialized in construction camp project for oil&gas, mining and construction industries. We are currently studying a project located at 2km close of Biyasabad, on the Ghasemabad road (GPS: 34°18’44.41” N / 60°01’50.72” E), close to Afghanistan Border for a 1000 men camp. Within our scope of work we need to supply VSAT services including internet connection and satellite TV to our client. At this stage we are building our budget. Thus, if you are interested to potentially work on this project, we would be very interested to get a quote for the following VSAT services: • 1x detailed quote including all the hardware equipment including dish(es), dish tower, dish tower anchor, wiring, connecting point and all the necessary equipment in order to provide 1 single point of connection to our client into their IT room, • 1x detailed quote related to installation technician and commissioning. • 1x detailed quote related to the monthly fee for internet services 15 Gb/down-up per month • 1x detailed quote related to the monthly fee for satellite TV services – international channels Thanks to send us a quote in USD dollar. Additionally could you give an estimate volume corresponding to the packaging in order to evaluate freight cost. Waiting to hear from you soon. Regards
High Speed Satellite
Hello, I am seeking high speed Internet access in Tehran via satellite for this June and July. Please contact me to discuss. Amar
sattelite internet
Hi,v we are a local organization in Iran and we need to use satellite internet service for our overseas costumers who visit Iran. please advise any solutions such as VSAT or any other services which you think it could meet our expectations .
how can i conect your service
Hi my name is Ary and I am from iran and we need your internet service but we cant .... because we can not buy your service in iran ..... what we should do now ...??? can you help me.....???? and how ....????? please ........ Mr.Ary
Suport or notSuport
please talk me are you Suport your services in Iran.
question from Iran
Do you have a service that I can download via satellite and upload by ADSL from Iran(city of Mashad)? Thank you
Satellite internet in iran
Hi there i need satellite internet iran. I need u tell me the equipment and package i need i buy with their prices for an immediate access. I need u reply soon tnx
satellite internet / account
shop dish &lnb for internet satellite
Hello, I would like to know if you provide internet service at Iran , more exactly at Sirri island in the Gulf Persic, I saw a Tooway Tv announce for internet service.And if is possible ,what i have to do. Thanks
Satlitle internet in Iran is needed
Dear Satproviders group, Here in Iran a plan like 1024kbps downstream and no upstream(upstream via other methods like wireless,DSL,etc. cause bilateral satellite connection is strongly prohibited!) at the cost of about 1 dollar per Gigabyte would attract so many attentions!I'm strongly curious whether such a plan is feasible or not? Thanks
buy 15360 kbit/s 3072 kbit/s N/A 620.00 unlimited
I need it in Iran 15360 kbit/s 3072 kbit/s N/A 620.00 unlimited
World Online (WOL)
Pars Online
Pathway Communications
Advanced Telecommunications and Technology (TBI)
Entel Chile
Econet Telecom Lesotho
Cybermatics Communications
New offers
CCI Wireless CCI Wireless Residential Internet Download: 0.98-19.53 Mbit/s Upload: 0.73-9.77 Mbit/s Wireless ISP $37 to 95
Zazeen Inc. Zazeen Ontario 200GB Internet Plan (6Mb) Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $21,86

Business by (Uno) Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $33
FPT Corporation Fiber Silver Download: 60 Mbit/s Upload: 60 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $135
Vmedia Vmedia DSL 6 Mbps Download: 6 Mbit/s Upload: 800 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $21,86
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