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* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
YOU Broadband India Pvt. Ltd. TORNADO 20 Mbps 20 Mbit/s 128 kbit/s Home Internet $14,21 to 170,40
Airtel India Rapid Internet Bundles for Chennai 16 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s Home Internet $19,90 to 36,70
BSNL Mobile WI CSC 1000 2 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s WiMAX $15,30

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start new business
how to contact to u and how much cost for broad band connections and installation,c an u provide u address and land no or mobile no numbers
ACT 100mbps , unlimited
Want to bring your service to india
sir, i want to bring your service to india
need broad band satelite
Hi dear madum/sir i want broad band satelite facility for my village, can you please give me every details in my mail id.
Request for new connection
Hi Sir/Madam, I am planning to take A-Max-650 plans. kindly help for this.
For Disaster Mgmt Base Stations in 25 Locations
Dear Sir, we are working with one state to establish a disaster mgmt network base stations where no Internet is avalable. we require 20 - 25 base station with 2Mbit connectivity in longterm (for the period of 9-10 years)
i need net
Our area any net not available
Regarding Optical Fiber Cable
Dear Sir Greetings! We "Paramount Communications Ltd" India is leading Optical Fiber Cable manufacturer since 1955. We are the only manufactures in the country with such a vast diverse product mix, enabling us to provide a comprehensive product portfolio to our customers. For further any requirement please contact with us.
satellite internet query
PLease provide me quote on Satellite internet package
I need broadband connection
I need broadband connection
New wireless wifi connection
Airtel Bolt 1000 GB Wifi

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Silicone Connect
South Central Communications
MTN Rwanda
Cymru 1
Good Net
Midcontinent Communications
Microlink Technologies
New offers
Genesys Tel Fibre 400 Download: 400 Mbit/s Upload: 400 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request
Mundo Pacifico S.A fibra 10 gbs Download: 10000 Mbit/s Upload: 10000 Mbit/s Fiber to the premises (FTTP) $price on request
ETECSA (Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Cuba SA) Point-to-point circuit international 2048 Kbps for business Download: 2 Mbit/s Upload: 2 Mbit/s Leased lines $2 676,70 to 2 714,40
Sarkor Telecom Formula Tornado Download: 1 Mbit/s Upload: 512 kbit/s Home Internet $20,40
In Connecting Uganda iN Business Internet Package Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request

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