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Last Inquiries from Australia

Quantacom is a leading technology company based in Australia that provides cutting-edge solutions for communication and information processing. With a focus on innovation and expertise in computer science, mathematics, and engineering, Quantacom offers a wide range of products and services to enhance communication, improve data management, and optimize information flow. From enterprise-level solutions to consumer-friendly products, Quantacom is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people interact with each other and access information. Visit us at to learn more about our products and services.
Wifi for home
Please could you assist me with the wifi options for my home in bondi beach. Regards Free internet
Internet bundles
Hello there hi i would like to find out on the procedure,requirements and prices if i want to embark on being a full time ISP in lusaka zambia. Franklin Ngoyi
new maber
new maber
Internet Installation
Hi there, i'm looking into possibly having an internet wifi installed in my mothers house in davao Philippines is that possible whilst I am currently residing in Australia? Regards, Juliet
Fast internet in a private house
conduct fast internet iinet NBN speed network
Dodo Wi-Fi 23jurrell street mandurah Please cancel thank you from direct debit Marion duxbury urgent
ILNET Telecom Home phone-mobile and internet
I want to activated my box fetch
I want to activated my box fetch me
Cable and internet package
Inquiring connection to my 1 bedroom unit condo in Grass tower4 Smdc Q.C. Philippines of Cablelink internet and cable package.
Cable and internet package
Inquiring connection to my 1 bedroom unit condo of Cablelink internet and cable package.
I would like to know if you have wifi coverage in Abijao, Leyte.
Air Cube
Hi Brad I am having trouble setting up the Air Cube at House 52 Home Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands. I can detect it on my I Pad and when it asks for a password I follow the instructions but it keeps coming back with a reject. if you can go through the procedures again once my I Pad had detected the Air Cube to activate it would be appreciated. Regards . Ron
Internet Mobile data
I am currently residing temporarily on work for three months Christmas Island Western Australia. I require internet facilities for three months for my studies. Kindly let me know the price. I have an iPhone 6, and advise me whether I can use my phone as a hotspot for my Laptop.
Easy-to-follow steps to improve your website
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Satellite internet
Hi, I was wondering if TS2 SPACE did satellite internet in Australia and what your prices were? Thanks Sarah
Internet Plan
I would like to buy a month to month Internet Plan in June 2019. I would use a hotspot in my home address on Rarotonga.
Home wifi
Would like to know the prices and available data for each of Onemax plans
Business internet in Bacolod
Could you give me pricing for Teletech Philippines business internet in Bacolod?
Network Issue
Our Internet keeps dropping out, even after re-starting our servers. Our IT department has told us to make contact with Natcom.
internet , International calls while in Israel .
Bok to Yisroel in sept 2018o Tov Chaverims. we are coming to Yisrael in Sept for 1 month. What cost will be involved, for Golan Internet 20GB use, with International Phone calls. Price , costs etc. Shalom. Leo
Etisalat’s Internet Dedicated Access
Quote for dedicated internet services
Hi SAT, I need a quote to provide the following CBN service to my new Batam office: option 1) 20mbps dedicated 1 to 1 internet service (include installation) option 2) 50mbps dedicated 1 to 1 internet service (include installation) Regards, Louis
connecting my friend in the phillipines to your home bro wifi .32 monthly plan
connecting my friend in the Philippines to your home bro Wifi .32 monthly plan, i would like some information for my friend who lives in Zamboanga city. i would like to set them up on to a plan there and this may be the right plan. could you please email me all PDLT Home Bro information i need to be able to do this please. thank you kindly for your time.
internet availability in Zamboanga city
Hi, I am looking for a Bayan Telecommunications internet connection to my home in zamboanga city area. I want to use it for browsing and video chats, what do you offer?
Professional SEO Service for Your website
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I would like to request a quote for Installation and expected monthly costs
Good Day! I would like to know the installation costs and expected monthly costs for BellTel satellite internet service for Mandurriao, Iloilo. Unfortunately most of the telecom companies refuse to provide landline because it is too "cost prohibitive" for them. I am looking at 10 Mbits/sec. at the least or the Home option. Thank you!
How to go about getting listed
Hi There How would we go about getting listed on this page?,all-1 Regards Brett
New NBN 41 William Keeling Cr
Hi Brad; I’m on island and can’t seem to work out the nbn. The light is orange and it’s not registering as an available network. I also don’t know the password. Are Indian Ocean Territories Telecom able to help out? Thank you, Nicole.
recharge entel
hi iam looking to go to chile in December the last time I went a bought an entel USB stick which worked well it was 2013 when I used it. Can I use the same USB stick for another device , do I need to recharge the stick again for a period of 33 days. what other WIFI options do Entel Chile have to run mobiles and lap tops ,and also an Ipad. cheers would love to hear from you.
Updated ISP Information
Hi Esther, Love your list of internet service providers in Australia although I noticed that you have not listed Aussie Broadband or Wideband. Aussie Broadband are one of the only ISPs (outside of the big 4) that are building their own connection to all the 121 nbn POIs around Australia. Their domain names are: Here are a few of their recent features from major media outlets: You can read more about their POI rollout here: If you would like additional information to have them added or on their current projects please let me know. Regards, Esther
Hi Brian, I work with one fo the fasted growing ISps in Australia called Aussie Broadband (can read about them on Gizmodo here) Can you add them? I can provide any info you require. Regards, Nick
internet bundle
I am inquiring on my mom's behalf who lives in South Africa could you give me the cheapest Tiscali internet bundle for her with or without bundle could you tell me what is capped and uncapped and what is the monthly cost for either thanks
3bb wifi connection cable or satellite options
Relocating to Ban Pao Thailand Need hi speed Internet connection please advise my best 3BB options Kind regards Richard
Satellite broadband
I'm interested in a quote for Skybroadband 24Mbit/s including installation cost. I will be based in Gingoog. Please specify your coverage for Gingoog too. Regards Tony
[email protected]
Dhiraagu Fibre Broadband is not working.Please check.Not easy reporting spam from your isp,if your email address doesnt work! I have spent all evening trying to email isps such as yours to report spam.It is unbelievably time consuming.Ta.
travel sms card
I had a JT travel sms two years ago and can't find it now at home. Can I replace it or do I need a new one . I'm travelling to Singapore.
Shared Internet
Hi Team, We have devised elaerning for kids in Africa and we will be doing a pilot project in Zambia. We are after internet service provider for shared internet for kids. For more information about our project, please refer to and Working with ubiquiti, we have the wifi technology to manage internet and have it paid for. Please me know if Businesscom Networks would like to partner with us.
I would like to have internet connected to my home in Korowaqa Rakiraki which is 3km from the Rakiraki town. I dont have a landline. What are my options and speed of internet available? I would prefer high speed.
ASP Provider
Hi, I am enquiring to see if TS2 SPACE provide ASP services that would be available in Myanmar to support Network service rollout and managed services. Appreciate if you could please guide me to the right contact Thanks Ramez
Satellite Internet
Satellite (VSAT) OneWeb internet access for remote monitoring and control of farm equipment in Fiji Islands
I want a clean internet with 50 JG
Bidirectional Broadband Satellite Internet connection for Military bases in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait Email me all payments every day and every week and every month and every year. Decree signed: PSNelson, US say no to corruption and yes to jailing the corrupt without bail.
Satellite internet
Please advise speed available (Mb/s download and upload) and cost of a TS2 SPACE satellite internet system for Church Point (suburb of Sydney) NSW 2105 Australia. We currently struggle to get 3 Mb/s and slower in peak times. NBN is not planned for our area at the moment.
Do you accept new memberships from other countries than the Russian Federation countries?
off grid access to internet and wifi
Hi I am beginning planning for a new house in orangeville [SW Sydney]. Dwelling will be off the grid with good line of site to Sydney but no access to fixed lines for ADSL etc. Can I get advice on options to connect please. Address is 90 Frankum Drive Orangeville. Alan Potter
want a good friend.
Personaly I love.Australia. Though I am a Bangladeshi, Australian girl.If everybody want be a friend I would be proud of him.
Satellite wireless internet
I reside in nerang Gold Coast where I cannot access any internet except using my mobile.
Wireless internet
I'd like to know if you can provide a reliable, high speed wireless internet connection. Our post code in Australia is address: 4 We currently have a WiMax service provided by Adam (iiNet) which has in the past year become completely unreliable and unfixable according to Adam.
I have been charged the wrong amount on my bill
I should be paying .99 per month for internet and I have been charged for a modem when I was told to send it back as I have my own. 3186348 5 bill reference is 3924-7111181
request for contact
Hello, I'm wondering what the overall plan is for satellite broadband connection through you. Thanks. Katie.
Satellite Internet Connection
My family live in a remote region of Australia with very substandard Satellite internet broadband connections and we are looking for a better option. I need to know the cost of the equipment and any other connections costs, the monthly usage costs and download capasity. Thank you, Kind regards Mr Rod Dunbar
price on satillite broadband internet
hi i would like a price for a rural property connection with reasonable speed around 250 gb to 350 gb a month thanks Gordon
Satellite broadband
Hi, Do you provide satellite broadband internet access in rural Queensland, Australia? If so, what packages/services es are available? Thanks, Andrew
ING Servis for Satellite internet in Nauru
Hi I need to get in touch with ING Servis for satellite internet in Nauru. Can you please facilitate this. Emmanuel De zylva
Internet in Nauru
I would like to establish a broadband internet connection in Nauru for a project. Please tell me prices and plans. Do you also have a contact number that I can speak to someone?
Satellite dish for internet
I live in an area (2A Dean Road, Verrierdale, 4562 Qld, Australia) that does not have a phone line to my house and I want a satellite dish to get faster and more reliable internet, hopefully cheaper than without a satellite dish. What options do I have?
Remote internet for emailing for mobile business
I run a business in a remote loacation from a mobile caravan based all over Western Australia and require internet for sending and receiving emails. Is there anything that will provide this type of business?
satellite internet with data hopefully during the day
We currently live in an isolated country town in Flinders ranges of SAust. which only has satellite internet. We are currently with skymesh, but most of their data is after midnight. It is costing too many dollars for too few data, as you have to buy data blocks, to get thru the month. can you supply us with some other companies.
What is local area network work?
Satellite Internet Connection
We are a civil engineering company and are quoting on a project 300km from Katherine in the Northern Territory. We would have a server onsite which is replicated back to a server in Brisbane Queensland. We run our system on a wireless/wired private IP network with riverbed technologies. Can you advise on a setup we could use? Regards Carl Wichura
Satellite internet
are you affiliated with the NBN? if not what are your plans? already have a dish just need a modem
need sat fone for business internet
My business travels into isolation whee i need the Internet to follow maps.
all mobile excess
Out lock lock pages on internet search and fast easy download
satellite broadband
please respond with details of what you have available
Internet access in Australia
I would like to know roughly what the cost would be for satelite internet for a usage of around 80 GB per month. I am also interested in VOIP prices please
satellite broadband cost
I would like to know roughly what the cost would be for satelite internet for a usage of around 80 GB per month
Organising a driving 4x4 trip from Australia to Portugal
Is your company interested in marketing your satphones & equipment on our vehicles in return for a special deal for a full safe system for this 12 month journey. We have an itinerary available on request. We leave the 1st week of April 2015. Ypur products have been highly recommended to us.
Internet subscription
Hi is it possible to have your service from Christmas Island?
satellite broadband
how much will his cost. I use my computer for emails, surfing, watching online TV and downloading recipes.
Satelite internet connection.....
Can you tell us if we can get satellite internet connection here on Wiridjil Rd Princetown. Vic 3269 and how much per month it is? and what that includes? and how many gig per month? thank can reach me via email or phone me on 0429484164 Cheryl
Gai Clark
We are trying to get internet satellite provider at Cannon Creek which is outside Boonah ,Queensland, Australia. Having trouble finding a provider Vast and westnet cannot help us. Can you give us a contact please. Thank you
Mrs Lorraine Wilson from Australia
Have no access to ADSL, ADSL 2 or broadband. Can only use wifi in my area with very slow reception. Have satellite dish for foxtel, can this also be used for satelite internet? please advise.
We are based in Papua New Guinea. We are interested in setting up here. Let us know if you would be keen to look at our proposal. We would like to start with 8 terminals and then extend up to 44 terminals in the future.
Sky telcom
Transact Ltd.
Batelco Jordan
Bangladesh Internet Exchange Ltd. (Multinet)
New offers
Etisalat UAE Business Ultimate Basic 49 Plan Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $13,30
Tnext Tnext Fiber Internet Download: 14.65-48.83 Mbit/s Upload: 0.98-9.77 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $28 to 37
Armstrong Zoom Pro & Television Plus Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $69,95
Copper Net Solutions Virtual Private Network (VPN) by Copper Internet Solutions Download: 128-256 kbit/s Upload: 128-256 kbit/s various $0,11 to 0,22
London Web Super Lightspeed Business FTTC Download: 80 Mbit/s Upload: 20 Mbit/s Fiber to the curb (FTTC) $131
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