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* 运营商名称 Download Upload 类型 价格 USD
SpaceX SpaceX Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s 卫星互联网 $价格要求
TS2 SPACE Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 32-492 kbit/s 32-492 kbit/s 卫星互联网 $2,91
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s 衛星電話 $2,76

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Request for Price Offer for VSAT Equipment in Sweden
Good day, Vizocom has a requirement for VSAT equipment in Oaxen 15393 Mörkö, Sweden. The equipment are: iDirect Equipment Kit (1.8m Ku-band Antenna Dish with Base, iDirect Evolution X3 Modem, 4W BUC, PLL LNB, Cable Kit) Can you please provide an offer for the above equipment?
TS2 SPACE 互联网服务
Hi, how I can buy internet in Sweden, and Where
你好。使用卫星 i-net 连接的价格是多少? /Per Backlund
Satellital Internet for my smartphone
Hi, Is possible to have satellital internet on my phone? With online paid
移动 Wi-Fi(瑞典 Telnor)
您好,我感兴趣的是移动 Wi-Fi(瑞典 Telnor)512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s 移动宽带每月 31,47 美元。你能告诉我更多关于这个产品的细节吗?我住在瑞典的 Laholm,如何购买此设备?费用是多少?它会从任何地方连接吗?我可以同时连接多少台设备?有固定订阅吗?谢谢你的时间,请指教。
你好。我们在 DM Huset 搜索互联网供应商
TS2 SPACE 卫星互联网农村瑞典
Bredbandsbolaget AB – 宽带 250 对于夏季小屋
TS2 空间互联网
你好。我们在 DM Huset 搜索互联网供应商

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Bundu NetworX Bundu NetworX Pre-paid Download: 1 Mbit/s Upload: 256 kbit/s 互联网主页 $5
Uniserve Uniserve Cable Download: 19.53-292.97 Mbit/s Upload: 1.46-19.53 Mbit/s 宽带上网 $30 to 68
Airtel India Rapid 1599 and Rapid 1899 Download: 8 Mbit/s Upload: 8 Mbit/s 互联网主页 $24,50 to 29
Tangerine Gold Plan Download: 0.25-3 Mbit/s Upload: 0.25-3 Mbit/s 互联网业务 $100 to 750
Slovanet OPTIK60 Download: 60 Mbit/s Upload: 20 Mbit/s 光纤 $15,12

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