Google’s Tensor G4 Chip to Appear in Pixel 9 Series in 2024

According to a recent report, Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 series will feature the Tensor G4 chip. While the third iteration of Google Tensor, set to debut in the Pixel 8 series, is expected to be a significant upgrade, the following year’s iteration will only see a minor improvement.

The Tensor G4 chip, codenamed “Zuma Pro,” will be based on the “Ripcurrent 24” development board, a slight upgrade from the Tensor G3’s “Ripcurrent” board. Details about the specific enhancements of the Tensor G4 chip are currently unknown, but based on the codenames, it suggests a relatively modest year-over-year update. This minor upgrade can be attributed to the fact that Tensor G4 is an interim chip while we eagerly await the introduction of Google’s fully custom chip, the Tensor G5.

Originally planned for a 2024 release, Google’s custom chip, codenamed “Laguna Beach,” is now delayed until 2025. The chip will be manufactured by TSMC and will feature a baseboard called “ChallengerDeep.” While further details about these chips are scarce, it’s clear that Google has big plans for its future Pixel devices and is investing in custom chip development to enhance performance and user experience.

Although these developments are still in the distant future, Google’s Tensor G3 chip, set to launch in the Pixel 8 series, holds promising prospects. The Pixel 8 series is confirmed to be unveiled in full on October 4, and we can expect significant improvements in hardware and performance compared to previous models.

– Android Authority.