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satellite connection NBeG South Sudan

I would like to ask you to complete BOQ (Quotation) for our satellite internet connection in our field office in Nyamlel (NBeG) ​​You can offer more options on separate quotations forms and we will choose the best and compare to others. ​This connection will be used by maximum 10 computers ( but really rarely) but usually the number of users will not be higher than 5. Type of work is typical office NGO work. Also please mention validity of your offer. ​​We need only one WIFI access point. Distances from electricity to the access points are not higher than 15 meters. We need to compare all offers so all information (question) below are really important. Without this information your quotation will be not accepted. In case you can not guarantee some parameters just let us know shortly why and we will consider those facts. Quotation must be in U.S. Dollars 1. Type of connection (is it satellite?) 2. Speed 3. Minimum guarantee speed 4. Is this speed dedicated or shared? If shared, for how many users? 5. FUP or unlimited data? If FUP, how much GB? 6. Monthly fee 7. Price of installation, devices, etc.... 8. Is the transportation of your technician and his per-diem included in the price of installation? 9. Where we can receive all the needed equipment if the transportation is not supported by provider? (we need to transport to Nyamlel – NbeG so offer the best option please) 10. Is transportation supported? If yes mention the price for both options (with and without transportation costs) 11. Delivery period for equipment 12. Delivery period for installation 13. Guarantee 14. References
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Infotel Ltd.
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