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AlwaysOn Bizz 4MB/ 2MB Packages

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AlwaysOn Bizz 4MB/ 2MB Packages

Logosnet Services Ltd

Address: 15' Patriarchi Petrou Z' Str., 2054 Strovolos Nicosia, Cyprus

Phone(s): +357 22745000


Registered in the following countries: Cyprus

Logosnet Services Ltd was established in 1995. They have entered the Cyprus market as a first Internet Service Provider and Network Solutions Deliverer. The company would like to meet all customers' needs with a full range of Internet and Internet-related solutions which guarantees innovative products and affordable costs. Between many products you may find Network Connections (ADSL, Leased Lines, i.e.), Hosted Exchange, Web Hosting, Telephony Systems (Asterisk VOIP solutions), and more.


LogosNet offers Dial-up connectivity, Telephony services and ADSL plans for home users. They specialize in the ADSL provision of new type – AlwaysOn Bizz. These plans are dedicated for enterprises (small, medium and large businesses). Always On Bizz ADSL 4MB/2MB Packages gives you the high quality and high-speed connection to the Internet over the broadband modem as well as the Cyta phone line. If you have a Cyta Business ADSL package you can upgrade it to Always On Bizz ADSL (2 days). This service does not have the telephone line or DSL access rental. It’s to be paid to Cyta at the end of each month. The connection is automatically done in 2 minutes (via Ethernet cable). Prices includes VAT as well as Logosnet Internet Connection and e-mail accounts (8 static IPs).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
AlwaysOn Bizz 4MB/ 2MB Packages 4 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s Business Internet $price on request yearly

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