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Address: Anna Korabik multimetro.p ul. Bielska 49 43-190 Mikołów

Phone(s): 32 779-77-77, Infolinia 24h: 32 779-77-77


Registered in the following countries: Poland

ETTH (Ethernet to the Home) Joining the network via Ethernet technology based on broadband copper access completed the switch (ACC) port 100 Mbit / s. UTP network cable is fed directly to the customer premises and is connected to a PC or device type Residential Gateway - Router, NAT, etc. This technology is used in building centered, construction wielomieszkaniowym allows you to bring all the multimedia services offered by our network. FTTH (Fiber to the Home) Joining the network via Ethernet technology based on optical fiber, optical distribution frame completed. Directly at the customer premises optical fiber is terminated, the most common optical converter, allowing for trouble-free use interface, in which standard with an ordinary home computer or device type Residential Gateway. This technology is used in scattered buildings, single-family and allows for removal of all restrictions imposed by the radio access. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to bring digital television signal and superfast Internet. Here you can see and understand what the FTTH technology. GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) Gigabit Passive Optical Network is a new technology with the family of passive optical networks. GPON are delivered via optical infrastructure called FTTx (ang. Fiber to the ..., or fiber optic transmission to ...), which is currently the most popular option is FTTH (Fiber to the Home, that is ... home). The technology is called "passive" because it does not require active devices (need power) on the section from the operator to the recipient. They remain active on both ends of the "chain." The Active includes OLT (Optical Line Termination to the side of the operator) and ONU (Optical Network Unit on the client side). One of the advantages of GPON is possible to provide a large number of connections based on one optical fiber. The operator in the right place (the well, a room in a block) is placed splitter (professional device name), which distributes the signal to multiple recipients. In a similar vein operate cable networks in the building block. The difference is that thanks to GPON can be much faster transmission of data end users and vendors can use a single Internet connection to provide high-quality TV, internet and phone


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SBB Serbian Broadband
CCI Wireless
Om Networks (dba Omsoft)
Breathe Internet Ltd.
Boundless Communications
WireNet (Vaynet)
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