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List of all internet access services registered in Metobane
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* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
Vodacom Mozambique 3G Internet Postpaid Mobile phones 10.15 Mbit/s 901 kbit/s Mobile broadband $0,01 to 0,22
DAFL DAFL Avanti Hylas 2 Ka Band Services Pre-paid - Residential packages 0.98-8.79 Mbit/s 256-512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $219 to 2 368
Businesscom Networks Satellite Internet Access by Businesscom 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request

Last Inquiries from Mozambique

Internet supply query
Good day. I need access to the SpaceX internet via satellite. I will need to have someone supply the equipment inc. dish, the LNB, a modem and a router plus the monthly subscription fee. Please can someone help me. Thank you. Our location is on an island in lake Cahora Bassa, north western Mozambique
request for simulation of internet packages
Good Afternoon Gentlemen I would like to have detailed information on the internet plans Teledata de Mozambique Lda - Teledata Kwiknet Afterhours
Need Internet up and down 2 MBPS, with static IP
I need stable internet services with static IP and 2 MBPS up nd down speed in Beira. Kindly send in your quotes
para mim Internet connections over Thuraya XT
application to be an internet provider
thanks for the existence of a great satproviders agency, i live in mozambique in nampula province and i have a computer company, i want to apply to be an internet provider, i want to know the requirements.
I would like to know your prices for the TS2 SPACE Internet. Thank you
VSAT Satellite Services 100 Mbit/s Satellite Internet $request price
I would like to have the price list. I am updating my company so I would like to have this information
Hi can you send me the prices of your equipment and internet , i want tho start a small business
Internet access
Good day Can you please advise me on the best internet access package for an internet cafe of about 6 computers. can you include the total cost. want to set it up in Tete, Mozambique.
The Kwiknet Wi-Fi
Internet network installation. requirements to have internet in my house? How do I pay for The Kwiknet Wi-Fi package of 0.45USD per day? what is the top speed?
Internet service prices
Greetings, I would like to know about all available TS2 SPACE Internet options

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Eridanus Inc.
Dakota Carrier Network
Telkom Brunei Berhad (TelBru, earlier BruNet)
Calgary Community Network Assoc. (CCNA)
New offers
Sonitel Leased Fibre Optics in inter-Urban Download: 2 Mbit/s Upload: 2 Mbit/s Leased lines $price on request
Libya VoIP Two-way satellite Internet Download: 1 Mbit/s Upload: 512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
Complex Computer Systems Ltd. CCS Internet Services Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request
Giff Gaff GoodyBag £12 Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $19
Consolidated Communications Dedicated Internet by Consolidated Communications Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request

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