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List of all internet access services registered in Kalapostanya
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* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
Businesscom Networks Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network 10 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
TS2 SPACE Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 32-492 kbit/s 32-492 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $2,91

Last Inquiries from Hungary

Wifi internet in a remote location
Hello, We are looking to get Voch Vodafone Operations Centre Hungary internet connection - 200 / 100 Mb/sec (at least 100 / 100) - period of performance is starting 14 March to 31 July 2021. - number of users 150, three tents/buildings each housing 50 people. People/soldiers need wifi connection in a remote location. - no infrastructure exists, no equipment exists. We are very interested if: 1. is it possible to implement respecting this timeframe 2. estimate cost for the entire effort. Please email or call at anytime. Thank you.
Starlink Internet connection in Táncisics Mihály utca 20 szoreny
I am interested in internet connection in this area in Hungary ! I am a professional Engineer ! Need upload to be stable as possible I am going to use it for Internet RADIO
Home internet
Hello! I want home internet for my house in okany Please contact me/ Ann
Fast Internet needed
Since the only option to get an secure Internet connection to our home in Hungary seems by satellite, I would like to get some information about installation, costs, ... while download and upload speeds are important to.
Hungary WiFi
I looking for an wifi internet in Hugary
Fast internet access on a boat sailing in Croatia
Dear Sirs, I have a boat in Croatia and I would like to have ING servis internet access on the sea. Can I use Tooway Ka SAT Consumer services if I install a self positioning satellite disk on the boat ? Waiting for your reply Gabor
Asking a request
Hellp i would like to ask you, how much is the maximum up-download speed TS2 SPACE can provide to my at the following address and how much money/month ? City: Csatár State: Zala
need TS2 SPACE internet ASAP
address is Bencesek street, Miskolc, HU
Hello - I need a powerful internet connection in Moricgat. What can you offer?
Need ISP for Ivancsa area in Hungary
Hi Team, Can you please provide the contact information of ISP in Hungary for the below plan? We need to make RFS before Mid of May. Otherwise, please let me have quotation for that with Service contact draft. Planned Internet circuit bandwidth - Dedicated internet circuit 50M *1 , 100M *1, 3 years contract. -Home internet (ex ADSL) *1, 3 years contract -PRI data circuit for voice *1, 3 years contract Regards Paul
internet connections and speed
We are buying a house in Pusztakovasci near Marcali and require a Fiber Power 50 (UPC Hungary) fast internet connection because both my wife and I work from home and will be video conferencing during the day, so a fast stable connection is vital. Can your company provide this in Pusztakovasci and if so what is the cost and download /upload speeds

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Akron Community Online Resource Network (ACORN)
Tigo Smart
ACT Antigua Computer Technology Co.Ltd
Hive Telecom
truIT Uganda Limited
UzNet (Uzbektelecom)
New offers
Hive Hive ADSL Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $price on request
Gtd Manquehue Plan 30 Megas Download: 30 Mbit/s Upload: 10 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request
GDS Solutions GDS ADSL Lines Download: 2-40 Mbit/s Upload: 2-40 Mbit/s Leased lines $12,14 to 71,12
Marpin 2K4 Ltd. High Speed Cable Modem Internet Access Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request
Citic Telecom CTC CEC Services Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request

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