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Zhengjiabao, zheng jia bao, zheng jia bu, 郑家埠, 郑家堡
List of all internet access services registered in Zhengjiabu
Type of Internet connection:
* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
China United Network Communications Group Co.,Ltd ADSL (by China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. ) 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Mobile broadband $0,85

Last Inquiries from China

Guangzhou WIFI
Hello, I am looking to get China Mobile WIFI in my apartment in Guangzhou as the 4G is not fast enough for gaming. Please get in touch with a price
Looking for internet connection in China (Beijing and Wuhan)
Hi, I am looking at an option to connect a small office (10 people) to the Internet. Ideal solution would allow to bypass great firewall of China in order to get decent speed access to our systems located in Europe. Data and VOIP should be operational on the line. Upload and download would be required. This should be installed in a shared office. What solution would China Mobile advise? What Up/Down speeds would be available? What hardware would be required for the install? What would be the timeline to get the system installed? Regards, Fabien
Cost for VSAT in China
We have an international school near Shanghai that needs to have a secure high speed internet connection for international testing. What would the costs be for a TS2 SPACE VSAT connection through you company?
Satellite mobile service Tiantong-1
Here is Sophie from Eaglefly China, I’d like to introduce Tiantong 1 satellite mobile telecommunication system to you. Tiantong-1 satellite mobile communication system is China's self-developed and built satellite mobile communication system. Tiantong 1-03 is the third satellite in the Tiantong 1 system, developed by the China Academy of Space Technology, which consists of space-based assets, ground facilities and user terminals. Tiantong 1 satellite system is tasked with providing all-weather, all-time, stable and reliable mobile communication services to users in China and its surrounding countries including Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Palau, Timor-Leste, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Tiantong 1 satellite system can be used in a wide variety of industries, including geological surveys, power generation, marine transport, fishing, polar exploration, land surveys and emergency response.,toic-31,all-1,c-2
Home internet
Hello, I'm living in Beijing and I would like TS2 SPACE internet by satellite at home. I will need equipment and it would be mainly for daily use internet such has emails, streaming and surfing. It would be less than 20 devices Alexis
credit card payment
Hi, Fashionpay provides secure international credit card payment gateway. 1.Accept HIGH RISK industry. 2. Visa, MasterCard, JCB and other credit cards available. 3. HIGH successful ratio & Outstanding risk control ability. 4. Flexible payout cycles & Low transaction rate. 5. 24/7 professional online customer service. Contact me for more info.
Internet Service installation
I want to install a new Quantis internet connection at my hostel room. I want to know abut the packages and complete details about installation and charges
urgent need non cli route
find voip partner in libya we can provide traffic and gateway u just need sims internet computer if u have interest pls add
info request
I'd like to know monthly rates for a subscription of Quantis 20 mb/sec. Thanks
To whom may concern, This is Stephy from Zisa, we offer modem, Xdsl , the whole FTTH/FTTB, Please contact for interesting. Regards Stephy

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Logic Communications Limited
Telephone Electronics Corporation (TEC)
Melbourne ISP
Expedition Communications
New offers
BSNL Mobile Election Special Landline Plan Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Leased lines $46
Telecom Namibia Speedlink Home – Broadband Internet Access Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request
eNetworks Data Prices by eNetworks Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s DSL, ADSL, SDSL, VDSL $0,80 to 5,50
INFOPORT LTD. Infoport Internet Services Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request
Megagate Broadband (C Spire TM) 4GB Rolling Data Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $55

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