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Satellite Connection
I have a project team that will be located at Sadiola Gold Mine, Mali. Interested in Businesscom Networks 10Mbps / 10Mbps, connection with 3 static IP's. Require USD$ costs for both setup, installation and monthly lease for budget. Please include any data metering costs or similar.
Off grid Internet
Have a cabin in central Yukon and we would like to have Rogers sat Internet can you set me up
internet speed
do Digicel Play (Turcs & Caicos) have faster speeds? Currently I am running 340mbps down/ 50up. Price for 150mbps plus net, reliability (dropouts?) And what islands are your services offered?
Unlimited home internet
Hello, Do Gambia Telecommunications Company offer an unlimited home internet pakage? If nit please let me know your highest level of inrernet service. Thanks Yaba
Persona Communications Connectivity Issues
My download speed is usually 30-40Mbps, but my upload is always in the Kbps, why is that?
What is your email address please.
ZOL Fibronics Turbo Pack
We need VSAT Internet
Hello good day, we are looking for an TS2 SPACE VSAT in Chad Africa for internet CAfe (in region of Faya Largeau). can you please send us the quotation of equipment, internet service. plus shipping handle, installation. thank you
Satellite Internet
I'd like some reliable SpaceX internet please, I hear you're offering it.
Availability of service
Are home Megacable - 20 Mbps Nitro internet packages available in the Chapala Lakeside area or am I stuck with telmex?
residential satellite internet
Looking for residential satellite internet in Ontario, Canada. Plan and pricing please. Thank you
Home Internet
Hello; Do OneWeb hav service in Canada, BC, Vancouver island ? What are the costs ?

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Mega Internet
Cambodian Broadband
Secure Networx
Mongolia Telecom
Sonatel Multimédia
Sharedband Ltd
New offers
Sentia Sentia Fiber Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Fiber to the curb (FTTC) $price on request
MEO M40 Light Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Fiber to the home $59,23
Glenn Vel Arriesgado Download: 30 Mbit/s Upload: 20 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $1 899
VIVA Cell MTS Four Standard Download: 25 Mbit/s Upload: 25 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $42
BestNet BestNet's wi-tribe Download: 512 kbit/s Upload: 128 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request

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